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While browsing Mashable this morning I came across an article that quite stuck with me. Mobile phones are the future at the moment. We want to have control of everything we do, be it social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) or work related.  Well for the last couple of years we can do exactly that. We have the power at the tips of our very own fingers.

In South Africa, Blackberry is ruling the market. Almost every second person has one and they can receive all their daily news needs on their mobile device. I myself am more of an iPhone fan, and then of coarse you get your Android users. The list can go on, but different strokes for different folks.

The title of this post already had me thinking, “How young is too young for a mobile phone“?

I received my first phone when I was about 12 years old (think it was one of the first Nokia phones). Back then it was pretty frowned upon. “What is a kid doing with a cellphone?” or “what possibly does he want to do with one?” was some of the questions being flung around.  To tell you the truth, I didn’t really need one.  I just wanted one because all of my friends had theirs (even a year before me).

This is actually one of the points that Tecca mention.  Some other factors that they mention are things like Consider the School’s policy, weigh out wants vs needs, keep track of your kid while giving them their space, as well as safety recommendations.

Providing your little loved one with a cellphone when he/she is not yet mature enough can cause havoc.  This is not always the case, but if it lands into the wrong hands or they are disturbing a lecture, things can get messy. Especially if a school has a no cellphone policy.

I remember my school implemented that at a later stage. You were not allowed to have any mobile device with you.  Latest story I heard was that they will confiscate your phone and fine you in order to get your device back.  It is pretty valid if you ask me.

Taking these topics into account, you have to provide a certain age for your little one to get his/her first cellphone.  And we all know that they will nag for one sooner or later.  I think that it comes down to personal preference. You as adult must use your own discretion and decide on the appropriate age.

Heinrich van den Worm

Head of Social and Media Strategist @AVATAR_ZA | Went barefoot for a year for charity | Not a guru | Compadre

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  1. Kevin says:

    Nice post. My daughter isn’t even 3 years old and she can navigate her mom’s Blackberry quite well. As far as technology goes, I think resistance is futile!

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