The Joey Gracie Mc Connell Animal Foundation – October Drive 2011

The Joey Gracie Mc Connell Animal Foundation is a small animal foundation. It was started in 2008 during December. The foundation started off as a simple Facebook page for Joey Gracie (which was owned by Lynda Mc Connell). The Facebook page was created to spread animal awareness and help people take more of an interest in their animals by putting up photos and sharing stories. The Facebook then started to grow…and so the Foundation.

So who is Joey Gracie? Well, Joey Gracie is a dog that had a very difficult start in life. She was literally given to Lynda Mc Connell by a desperate car guard. The car guard had been told to hold 4 week old Joey while her owner was in the shop. The owner then came out and refused to take the puppy back shouting and screaming that he’d end her life in more ways than one and didn’t have time for such things. He proceeded to drop the dog at the car guards feet and leave.

The Joey Gracie Mc Connell foundation prides itself on trying to change the world one paw at a time. They believe that making even a small difference is always better than making none at all and especially to the animals whose lives they are able to effect in a positive manner. The Joey Gracie Mc Connell Animal Foundation would like to become a no-kill animal shelter eventually, but in the mean time they are trying to help and make a difference as much as they can by raising funds / donations and doing functions for other animal shelters and causes in South Africa. They mainly focus on Joey Gracie as she represents the animals in the world and she helps to give them a voice.

The Joey Gracie Mc Connell Animal Foundation are currently having an October drive for animals living in the poorer settlements. The drive is on in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. The foundation requires dog / cat food, shampoo, de-flea products, baskets, blankets, pillows, cushions, mats, coats, mattresses, toys, bowls, collars / leads and cat litter trays, basically anything that they can use. The donated items don’t necessarily need to be new, but should at least be clean and usable. The foundation also requires birdseed and they are urgently in need of dog kennels.

You can e-mail or phone Lynda on 072 8681993 / 012 3337008, Giselle on 082 2569911 or Tracy on 072 7240626 for more information.

Cash donations are welcome and can be deposited into the foundation’s bank account. For details about making cash donations please visit On behalf of our four legged friends and the foundation staff the Joey Gracie Mc Connell Animal Foundation, they would like to thank you for helping to change the world one paw at a time.

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