The Junk Mail Foosball Tournament starts today

There are 8 days to go before the 2010 FIFA World Cup kicks off in Johannesburg at Soccer City stadium. The Junk Mail team is feeling the excitement in the air and is getting into the 2010 FIFA World Cup spirit by participating in a Foosball Championship. 48 teams are competing for the title of Junk Mail Foosball Champion at the 5 respective Junk Mail Publishing branches. Follow us on Twitter for regular updates about the #JMFoosballChamps.

For those of you who did not know, Foosball is also known as Table Football. Although patents for similar games may exist from as far back as the 1890s, the game of Table Football as we know it today was first invented by Harold Searles Thornton in 1922 and patented in 1923. The concept was conceived after Harold Searles was an avid football support and had been to a Tottenham Hotspur F.C. football match. He wanted to provide a game that replicated football that could be played at home. He got his inspiration from a box of matches. He laid the matches across the box and discovered that he had formed the basis for his game. His uncle who livd in the United States, Louis P. Thornton, visited Harold and took the inspiration back to the USA where it was patented in 1927. The patent eventually expired.

Here are some photos from day 1 of the Junk Mail Foosball tournament:

Junk Mail Foosball Champs

Junk Mail Foosball Champs

Junk Mail Foosball Champs

In 2002, the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) was established in France. Their mission is to promote the sport of Table Soccer as an organizing sports body, regulate international competitions and to establish the game with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and General Association of International Sport Federation (GAISF).

Foosball DescriptionRegardless of your skill level, this amazing game/sport will certainly provide years of enjoyment.

The Objective of Foosball (or Table Football) is to maneuver your 4 rods to control your 13 player figures to drive the ball towards your target goal. Sounds easy enough… until you have to keep your opponent(s) from doing the same!

A basic game of foosball is a race to 5 points / goals. The first team to score 5 goals wins the game. Matches can be played where best 2 out of 3, or 3 out of 5 games wins the match.

Common game formats are Singles (1 player versus 1 player – each player must control 4 rods on their side of the table); Doubles (2 versus 2, where one player per team controls the leftmost/defensive rods, while his partner controls the 5-Bar and Offensive 3-Bar); Goalie War (1 player versus 1 player where each control the leftmost/defensive rods only while the middle 4 rods are not used).

The basic rules of play are quite simple. Aside from no spinning and no “unsportsmanlike conduct”, the majority of other rules govern the pace of play and special circumstances that arise during play.

The “intent” of the rules is essentially to keep matches fair between competitors. For completeness sake and to cover every possible circumstance that could arise, professional/official rules are available to govern competitive play. At the highest level of competitive foosball play, officials are “optional”. To many players it is a self-officiating game where both teams are aware of the rules and compete within the boundaries of the basic rules. Interpretation of the rules should be based on their common-sense.

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