The Mysteries Hidden Behind a Mirror

Adding a mirror to a room can be a great addition to your home. Not only do mirrors make an attractive addition to the interior of your house, they can also be used in your garden. Bathroom mirrors create a sense of space as well as serving a functional purpose. If you are adding mirrors to your bedroom or lounge, choosing mirror frames which complement the design of your house is important. To create an attractive feature you can also install mosaic mirrors. Bold colours will make an eye-catching feature while subtle colours will merge into the style of the room. When it comes to mirrors for sale there are plenty of options to choose from.


Wall Mirrors for a stunning room

When you are picking out a mirror, keep in mind that it has both practical and decorative functions. When you are choosing mirrors for sale it is important to take both these factors into account. Wall mirrors should be selected according to their shape, size and style. The shape of the mirror affects the perceived dimensions and ambiance of the room. The size of the mirror is equally important. The one that you choose will depend on whether you want it to be a central point in the room or a background accessory to complement the room’s design. Small mirrors can be used to reflect light and draw attention to attractive objects. The style of the one you do choose should be harmonious with the room design. Intricately framed mirrors suit traditional rooms while simple designs are better for a contemporary interior.


Illusions with mirrors

Creating illusions with mirrors is a simple and awesome way to add a bit of fun to your home and garden. Here are some tips on how to create optical illusions using mirrors for your garden.


For decades garden illusions have been used to make outside spaces appear larger than they really are. They can also be used to create an intimate ambiance in open areas. Optical illusions attract attention to beautiful garden features and breath-taking views. While illusions can be used to draw your attention to a point of interest, they also serve a purpose to conceal unattractive objects. Mirrors are a great way to create illusions in your garden. It can be used to detract attention from unattractive sections of your outside area. You can bring light into the shady parts of your garden by using mirrors. Another suggestion is to place a round mirror on the floor so that it reflects the sky. This will create the illusion of a beautiful pool.


Most magic tricks are done by using mirrors, take a look at one of the famous magic tricks which use mirrors to create an illusion. Optical illusions rely on false assumptions that the audience makes as well as distracting speech or actions performed by the magician. A mirror as well as the control of light is used to deceive the audience. Images which are viewed in a mirror are reversed. As faces are not completely symmetrical, the difference in the appearance of the person can be astonishing. A renowned optical illusion which impresses audiences is the sphinx magic trick. During the show a box is put onto a table and then it is opened a Sphinx head is disclosed. In reality the Sphinx head is part of a body which is concealed from the audience using mirrors. From the audience’s perspective the area underneath the table seems to be open which makes the trick possible. It can also be used to make images of ghosts and skeletons appear before the audience.


Mirrors and Technology

Although traditional mirrors have plenty of applications, the latest designs incorporate state-of-the-art technology. New technology showcases innovative developments in this area. Samsung revealed its latest mirror and clear OLED displays earlier this year. The company has displayed the technology as ad billboards as well as using these cutting-edge developments to produce a virtual necklace stand. The mirrors will be combined with Intel’s RealSense technology to create a virtual fitting room. This is made possible by 3D cameras which have been developed by Intel. It allows shoppers to see what jewellery and clothes would look like if they were wearing them.

Now that you have some ideas on interior décor you can find mirrors for sale and start creating your own optical illusions. Wall and mosaic mirrors can also make your outside areas more attractive. Once you know what to look out for it is easy to incorporate a stunning mirror into your home. Mirrors are also a great way to change the dimensions or lighting in your rooms. Selling your wall or bathroom mirrors? Why not place your FREE AD on Junk Mail?

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