The NEON Run: South Africa’s most electrifying and glowing night run

Welcome to the happiest five kilometer race on the planet. The Neon Run and Neon Party will be coming back to South Africa in 2016. The first leg of the NeonRun is guaranteed to be one of the most exciting events in Johannesburg this year. If you want to know more about South Africa’s most electric and colourful night event ever then keep on reading.


The history of the Colour/Neon Run

The colour run or Neon Run is a series of running and cycling events that take place over a five kilometer stretch. This is an untimed event and there are no winners/losers or prizes given out. Runners and cyclists move through glow zones where they come into contact and are showered with coloured powders, neon glowing water, laser lighting, fog and music.


When you reach the finish line there is a massive party, called the Neon Party, that all the participants can take part in. Here you will find an assortment of black lights, lasers and a host of some of the best music talent in South Africa. Dance, socialise and have fun.


The event was created by event producer Travis Snyder in March 2011. He did this to create an event that professional and novice runners and cyclists can both take part in. The colour element came later after Travis was inspired by the Holi Hindu Festival and Disney’s World Of Colour.


Since then the event has tripled in growth and now there are hundreds of these events worldwide.

Neon Run Johannesburg 2016

The Johannesburg events calendar will be graced for a third time this year when the Neon Run returns to South Africa. The first leg of the race will be the Neon Run Johannesburg and it will be taking place on the 14th of May at the Bidvest Wanderers Stadium in Illovo Johannesburg. Cycling events and running events just don’t come any more fun than this. Participants can either run or cycle through a five kilometer route littered with neon paint, black lights and a lot of colour powder. Push yourself though each colour zone and see all of our neon accessories dance and sparkle with colour.

Don’t worry people, all of the paint and colour powder is made from completely safe and washable materials. There’s no need to fear the colour.


Gates open at 2pm and all ages are welcome, this is a family orientated event so bring everyone with you. This is has also been marked as a cycling and running event but you can bring whatever manual mode of transport you like. Why not get your skateboard or push your scooter out and decorate it full of neon fun?


When you are finished, it’s time to party. The Neon party that takes place at the end of the race will keep you dancing late into the night. There will be incredible light displays and some amazing DJ’s to keep your heart and soul pumping.


Neon run tickets

Tickets for the Neon Run SA are being sold through Ticket Pro and can be purchase from 600 retail outlets across South Africa. These include select CNA, Edgars, Jet and Engen petrol stations.

Here is the ticket breakdown:

• Kids under 11: R90 pp
• Early bird tickets (first 1500): R165 pp
• Groups of four or more: R215 pp
• Normal per person entry: R265 pp
• Buy at the gate: R300 pp

All tickets include two glow sticks and an official Neon Run bandana for those that don’t want their hair getting messed up from the colour powder.


Who will be performing at the Neon Party?

If previous years are anything to go by then you are in for a massive party after you complete your 5kms of colour fun. Rock out in colorful style with some of South Africa’s top performing artists. This is the lineup:


When Goodluck released their debut self-titled album in 2011, Goodluck smashed all of the South African charts. Their explosive electro swing type sound shot to the top of the singles chart for singles sold off of a debut album in all of South African music history.

They also have six other hits which include Hop on Hop off, Harlem and Taking it Easy. They have been on four international tours and have already performed over 350 live shows. Goodluck is a South African band on a mission to entertain.


Rubber Duc

This trio from Durban started in late 2013 and consist of Sheldon Sham, Nick Jordaan and Brendan Campbell. Their sound is unique and are said to be “duckloads” of fun. They have a very feel good and upbeat sound that will make you bob your head and tap your feet. Their folk-swing-hop sound got them a following very quickly. You should pay attention too.


Kyle Watson

Kyle Watson was musically trained from a very tender age and this comes through in his music. This fundamental understanding of music has helped him make his mark in the music industry, both globally and in South Africa. He shows a lot of appreciation for every single genre of music and uses this to create original pieces of Electronic music. Kyle Watson’s sound is both unique and eclectic and it will be difficult to find someone else who sounds like him. Kyle has seen great success in South Africa and abroad for both his music and production work.


iScream & the Chocolate Stix

Formed in 2009 by lead vocalists Bheki Dladla and Luke Viviers. These two were already known for their acting skills, modelling habits and by various players in the fashion industry. iScream & the Chocolate Stix band has received a lot of praise and acclaim from the audiences they have performed for at events in Johannesburg and around South Africa. They have also played on the popular South African breakfast show Expresso and South African daytime youth show Hectic Nine9.



This performer is known for her bubbly personality and unlimited energy. Viktoria has graced some of Cape Town’s biggest nightclubs. These include The Assembly, St. Yves, The Side Show, Dragon Room and Affinity. She is also playing in multiple residences at Affinity and the St.Yves Nightclub.


She was trained by massively acclaimed international DJ Chris Taylor so you really can’t fault her skills on the mix deck. She is new to the South African EDN scene but you will find her stomping right along with her diehard fans. Don’t dismiss this meek looking lady for she is going places.

Dean Fuel

Dean Fuel has been at the forefront of the South African EDM scene for a long time now and this makes a lot of sense. Dean has performed with international EDM legends like the current number one DJ in the world; Armin Van Buuren.

Dean Fuel has a very distinctive style in that it’s versatile and uniquely Dean. He fuses a wide range of intercontinental styles like techno, funk, minimal, electro, house and progressive sounds. Dean then throws his own sound in and this ignites the dance floor like no one else can. Dean Fuel keeps the party going with his attitude and infectious energy.


If you are keen to get your fitness and party on at the same time then the Neon Run cannot be missed. Why not browse Junk Mail for Neon Run tickets and prepare yourself for the epic Neon Party? Any tickets for events in Johannesburg are normally easily available on Junk Mail. Do you have tickets for cycling events or running events in South Africa? Sell them on Junk Mail.

he NEON Run: South Africa's most electrifying and glowing night run
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he NEON Run: South Africa's most electrifying and glowing night run
Welcome to the happiest 5km in the world. The Neon party, that takes place at the end of the neon run, will keep you dancing late into the night.
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