The perfect fridge freezer for your home

If you are looking for versatile and functional home appliances, deciding on a fridge freezer might be your next logical step. Finding those perfect fridge freezers for sale can become quite the endeavour so, today, Junk Mail wanted to highlight some cool brands and models to choose from.

Buying a new appliance means that you have to somehow try and balance reliability and aesthetic appeal. Luckily for you, if you have been looking for the perfect fridge freezer, this article will help you look at some of the popular brands in South Africa as well as some of the models you have to choose from.

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Choosing a Samsung Fridge Freezer

The first option we will look at is the models offered by Samsung. As everyone knows this is a brand that is trusted globally and that is generally considered to be reliable and durable. Two Samsung fridge freezer models that you may particularly interest you are the Top Freezer with Twin Cooling Plus 499L refrigerator and the L frost free bottom freezer refrigerator.

The L frost free bottom freezer refrigerator comes built with digital inverter technology, display and dispenser and an easy sliding shelf. These features undoubtedly have an impact on the fridge’s performance.

As a result of the advanced technology added to this fridge you can expect cooling to happen much more quickly than in other fridges. In terms of specifications this Samsung fridge comes with a 309 litre capacity and a net weight of 68kgs. You can expect to pay around R8 500 at retailers like Hirsch’s.

samsung top freezer for sale

Image Source: Samsung South Africa Website.

Unlike seen with other home appliances, temperatures are fairly consistent throughout the fridge’s interior. This means that it does not matter where you place an item in the fridge as it will cool at roughly the same pace regardless of its position in the fridge.

With the Samsung top freezer you can expect the same level of reliability and articulate design. However there are differences in terms of features. The top freezer comes built with a 5 conversion mode feature, twin cooling and a digital inverter.

This specific features in the Samsung fridge freezer aids in stopping bad odours from spreading from the fridge to the freezer. It also ensures that you can easily convert your fridge into an energy saving device by turning on the energy saving feature. This will help you save a lot of money on electricity bills.

This Samsung top freezer comes with a total capacity of 499 litres, a net weight of 84 kgs and a price tag of around R12 600.

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Deciding on a LG Fridge Freezer

Two LG fridge freezer models that you might find appealing are the 614L door in door fridge freezer and the 440L shiny steel bottom freezer fridge.

When it comes to the 614L LG you can expect a host of features that will make this a good choice for your home. This includes features such as a fan guard, a cycle guard, a bacteria guard, a health guard, door-in-door technology to let you organise storage in your refrigerator much more efficiently and smart diagnosis that lets you easily diagnose issues without having to call an engineer.

614 litre lg fridge freezer for sale

Image Source: LG South Africa Website.

The 614L fridge freezer comes with a net capacity of 614 litres, LED lights at the back and the top and 2 drawers. This model costs around R22 000.

The 440L Shiny steel bottom LG comes built with LED lighting that lasts longer than conventional bulb lights, a 5 step antibacterial deodorization feature to eliminate bacteria and all bad odours and a no frost system.

In terms of specifications you can expect to find a water dispenser, a shiny steel exterior and an impressive double A energy rating. You can expect to pay R15 300 for this LG fridge freezer.

A Defy Fridge Freezer

When it comes to Defy freezers the Combi C367 Eco WD M is a beautifully built fridge. This Defy fridge freezer comes with an antibacterial seal that helps improve the general hygiene of items stored in the fridge by reducing and sometimes eliminating the accumulation of bacteria.

This fridge also comes with great energy efficiency making it an ideal option if you are looking at cutting down your electricity costs.

This Defy fridge freezer has a total net capacity of 323 litres, mechanical temperature control, a capacity of 5.5kg/24hrs and a R8 000 price tag.

d220 defy fridge freezer

Image Source: Defy South Africa Website.

Another model that is worth looking into in the Defy range is the Double Door D220 WD M. Much like the previous model the double door model also comes with an antibacterial seal and eco energy efficiency.

In addition to this the fridge also comes built with features such as auto defrost, slimline water dispenser and a variable thermostat. The Double Door also comes with 174 litres of total net capacity, static cooling technology, mechanical temperature control and a freezing capacity of 2.1kg/24hrs.

You can expect to pay around R6 900 for this Defy fridge freezer depending on where you opt to purchase it.

Opting for a Bosch Fridge Freezer

One Bosch fridge freezer you may find interesting is the Serie 6 Bottom freezer. Much like most modern fridge freezer’s you can expect to have a frost free fridge. In addition to this the Serie 6 helps keep your food fresh for a longer period of time by keeping the food in the fridge at a constant internal temperature and by ensuring air circulation remains constant through the MultiAirflow System.

From a technical perspective the Serie 6 comes with a wine rack, a supercool function, an optical and acoustic warning system and a net freezer capacity of 66 litres. This model goes at a price of between R13 400 to about R14 000.

bosch fridge freezer

Image Source: Bosch South Africa Website.

Another option you may find interesting in the Bosch fridge freezer range is the Serie 6 bottom freezer black glass door model. Two features worth specific mention in this model are the glass door that just makes the fridge looks very classy and aesthetically pleasing and the humidity control that has a VitaFresh option that helps to keep your vegetables fresher for longer.

This glass door model comes with a net capacity of 505 litres a low noise level of 42 dB(A) and a freezing capacity of 18kg in 24 hours. With this model you can expect to pay at least R14 000 for a new Serie 6 bottom freezer black glass door model.

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The perfect fridge freezer for your home
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The perfect fridge freezer for your home
If you are looking for versatile and functional home appliances, deciding on a fridge freezer might be your next logical step.
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