The Seasons Are Changing

The Seasons are changing; ice becomes water, and colours of brown usually blossoming green. Winter is leaving and nature will cover any trace of its torture sooner than you can say “Red Roses”.

With all the Eskimo apparel becoming island cool, we thought it would be good to document the places that make the warmer climate that much more HOT! For one, people will be doing less cosy mall dinners, and do more café brunches.

So the Junk Mail social team wanted to list the places that make our Summer – Summer. In a list according to location, hold on to your hat; because this is where the cool chills your Summer.

Cape Town: Long Street Café

Whether it be a light breakfast or a heavy lunch, an espresso pick up or a karaoke bash. The café  is home to many artist and businessman alike. The decor of old and new blend perfectly to offer a modernesque café experience.

Durban: Spiga d’Oro

Chill in the summer heat, watching sports cars fly by and whispering lovers.
Spiga d’Orois one such place that makes simple and rich foods. The experience is akin to the Parisian hustle and bustle. Venture further and choose from a host of different eateries. Florida Road, is where the cool social birds frolic and where the atmosphere is basked in the joy of Durban.

Johannesburg: Melrose Arch 

It’s more than a mall; it’s a Gateway to a new culture. Once you enter Melrose Arch, the passages lead to new streets, adjacent to café tables with waiters sprinting past curious eyes. Next to cafés are designer stores and conference rooms. Whatever your budget, there is a place for you to soak up the heat.  The Junk Mail team often have their social powered meetings at the popular Tashas, where the food is as good as the venue.

Pretoria – Brooklyn Square: Tribeca Coffee

Set in a concrete valley of a food court. The sky as your audience and the busy fork and knives remind guests ofa New York café lounge. Tribeca is a hit with the all types of crowds. The food is sublime and the chai tea is a hit. Sit alongside water fountains with vespas passing through; it really is cosmopolitan energy.

So now it is your turn… tell the Junk Mail Team where your HOT Spots are?

Don’t be like Scrooge Mac Duck, share South Africa’s best dining experiences with the rest of the Junk Mail Facebook Fan page so they too can light up their social lives this summer!

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