The Top 5 Wacky Collector’s Items on Junk Mail

Are you a collector? Are you looking to find something unique that you’ve been looking for for a long time? Well, you’ve come to the right place: Junk Mail has many adverts for collector’s items. Great news is that I will be pointing out 5 of these wacky ones that are currently listed on our website.

#5 Coca-Cola Collectibles for sale – R750

Coca-Cola has been around for more than 100 years and it comes as no surprise that there are many Coca-Cola collectors out there. This advertiser (who lives in Pretoria) has a 1990’s unopened buddy Coke with same year Cold Ice Coke steel sign and opener, 2 Yo Yo’s, a lighter, 2 steel signs, a clock, a pen in tin and a postcard size wooden wall-mount Coca Cola sign. It’s the ideal gift for someone who is nostalgic about their childhood. So, what makes this wacky? There are Yo Yo’s!

Coca Cola Collectibles

#4 Cap Collection for sale – R3,000

Now here’s something wacky. This Pretoria based advertiser has a cap collection for sale. These caps don’t have company logos on, they have movie titles on. Chances are that you will never ever get these again. They have never been worn. Caps for Lord of the rings, X-men, Alien, Stargate, Titanic, GI Jane and many more are included. It may just be that perfect bar exhibit you’ve been looking for.

Cap Collection

#3 Anglepoise Lamp for sale – R2,500

An advertiser in Northcliff / Randburg is selling this awesome collector’s item. You don’t see too many of these lamps nowadays. Anglepoise lamps are the brainchild of British designer George Carwardine and first appeared in 1932. The lamp has multiple uses and its joints and spring tension allows it to be moved around in a wide range of angles and positions. It’s ideal for old school illustrators and architects, but can also be used to light up room. So, what makes this wacky? It’s a lamp than can do yoga.

Anglepoise Lamp

#2 Collectible Iron Maiden Figurine for sale – R1,500

Were you one of those kids in school in the 1980’s who used to put Iron Maiden patches on your school bag or denim jacket? Well, this Iron Maiden – Somewhere In Time collectible figurine may just be right up your alley. It’s 18″ inches high and has a light-up eye and motorized arm. It’s brand new and still sealed in its box. This rocking advertiser is located in Pretoria. So, what makes this a wacky collector’s item? It’s NOT another Star Wars collectible.

Iron Maiden Somewhere in Time

#1 Rare ZAR Pocket Knife For Sale – R600

This is the ideal collector’s item for someone who collects war memorabilia. The advertiser selling this rare and vintage Anglo Boer War collector’s piece is located in Benoni (on the East Rand). It’s a wet brass pocket knife depicting the heads of Paul Kruger and De Wet on the one side  and Transvaal and Orange Free State coat of arms and the slogan “Eendrag Maakt Macht” on the other. Only a few of these were made, so this is a great collectible. So what make this wacky? It’s a rare pocket knife for the the late 1800’s, not something you see every day.

ZAR Pocket Knife

Well, there you have it, 5 wacky collector’s items on Junk Mail. Which one of these is your favorite? Leave a comment and let me know. Also feel free to spread the word about these awesome items to your friends by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: Sharing is caring.

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