The Venga-Bus is Partying its way to South Africa

“Hey now, hey now, we have news for you, the Venga Bus is coming, so if you like to party, get on and move your body…”

Yes that’s right, the Venga Boys are on their way to South Africa… The Euro-Pop group will be performing 4 concerts throughout the country in December 2014.

The world was first introduced to the uplifting sounds of the Vengaboys in 1998. The group first came together in 1997. The group is consists of Donny Latupeirissa, Denise Post-Van Rijswijk,Robin Pors and lead singer Kim Sasabone.


The group released their first album in 1998 which reached number 4 on the UK Charts for their songs “Up and Down” and “We like to party.” In 1999, the group re-released their album “The Party Album” with new songs.

In 1999, the groups “Boom Boom” single topped the charts in UK, New Zealand and Netherlands. The groups second album was released in 2000 which is titled “The Platinum Album,” which includes their chart topping single Kiss (when the sun don’t shine) and Shalala lala. This album went gold in Netherlands and were expected to exceed all previous sales.

The Vengaboys first album “The Party Album” which was renamed to “The Greatest Hits” turned out to be the bestseller worldwide and went platinum. The release in South Africa and America went gold while sales in Holland and Canada resulted in platinum.


They have won the TMF awards for the best dance act in Holland. They have also won the NME Award for Worst Single, World Music Award for World’s Best Selling Dance Group.

The great news for all those Vengaboys fans, is that they will be hitting South African shores in December 2014. They will be performing 4 shows over 4 nights. With their first and second show kicking off in Johannesburg at Carnival City on the 12th & 13th December 2014. On the 14th December 2014 they will be performing at Grand West Arena in The Mother City, Cape Town. They will perform their last show on the 15th December 2014, at the Boardwalk Casino in Port Elizabeth.


They’re packing their bags and leaving their town, flying away on our very own South African Airways…. They’re gonna have a party on South African soil, and they want you to be there!

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