Things To Do In Margate This Holiday

So you want to go on holiday and plan to pay a visit to the south coast as the water is always warmer on the other side. Where does your planning start? What are fun things are there to do? What about the kids? Are you going on Matric holiday? Today I will be highlighting some family fun events that you can do in Margate this holiday season.

Let’s start off with the individual preferences. Dad wants to go play a round of golf. “Where do I go”? Well if you plan to stay in Margate Sands or just get a holiday flat in Margate, you can always go play a round of golf at one of the most sought-after golf estates in South Africa, San Lameer.

Mom is not so keen on golf and would rather lie on the beach having a cocktail. Luckily Margate is an internationally accredited blue flag beach. Margate beach is one of the top beaches and have once again met the criteria concerning environmental information and education, quality of water, and safety services.

One great family outing that will surely get the kids excited is to go and pay a visit to Pure Venom, the biggest reptile farm in Africa. Situated just outside of Margate towards Shelly Beach and are open 7 days a week from 09:00 till 16:30. The costs are R60 for adults and R40 for children and pensioners.  There you can take part in guided tours, snake demonstrations, crocodile and alligator feeding and you can also pay a visit to their family restaurant “Viper”.

Another destination to have a look at is the Oribi Gorge Hotel.  It is situated about one and a half hours drive away from King Shaka International Airport and about 22 km away from the beach, but is still within reach from al the attractions going on in Margate. Oribi Gorge Hotel is one of the most phenomenal natural paradises in South Africa. Make sure you take part in their Wild 5 Adventures which includes The Wild Swing, The Wild Slide (Zip-line), abseiling, White River Rafting, ballistic paintball, hiking/mountain bike trails and horse riding. For their rates, click here.

For those who are going on Matric holiday and planning on hitting clubs like Backstage and Koko’s, make sure you do the responsible thing by not drinking and driving, but rather make use of local shuttle services in and around Margate. Alternatively you can also hire a shuttle from the Gauteng area that will take you to your desired destination in Margate. Remember, safety first.

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