Things to know before buying a canopy for your bakkie

A bakkie canopy is an excellent investment to make. Whether it is for work or leisure, adding a canopy to your vehicle has many benefits. Once you have decided to take the dive and start looking for canopies for sale, you will need to choose between the different models and brands. Options for your vehicle include an aluminium canopy, fibre glass or a canvas canopy.

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Getting to know a canopy

Great bakkie accessories to own, a canopy is attached to the bakkie loadbay in order to offer protection or shade. The advantages of a canopy makes it easy to see why many bakkie owners choose to add one to their vehicle.

Canopies can be used for additional storage space or to transport tools and equipment, their versatility adding to their appeal. A bakkie with a canopy often has a better resale value than those without.

Bakkie canopies offer a larger loading space when fitted with roof rails. They also offer protection from bad weather conditions and, whether the bakkie is used for business or pleasure, the addition of a canopy increases the amount of flexible space.

If you are transporting expensive items, the canopy offers extra security and will help to protect your tools and equipment from theft when you are transporting them.

Things to consider when choosing a Bakkie Canopy

If you are looking for canopies for sale, there are a variety of factors you will need to consider. Firstly, you will need to consider the aesthetic aspect of your decision. What canopy design do you prefer? What canopy suits the style of your vehicle?

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Next, you will need to take into account the function of the canopy. You will need to determine what the primary purpose of the canopy will be. You may also want to look for either a new or used canopy for sale that has been approved by your vehicle’s manufacturer. This will ensure that it is a quality canopy that is compatible with your bakkie.

Choosing the right type of canopy

Whether you are looking for new or stunning second hand canopies, you will need to decide what type of canopy will best meet your requirements. There are canopies available which have been manufactured from different types of materials which include aluminium, canvas and fibre glass.

The different types of canopies include single cab and double cab bakkie canopies as well as slide-on bakkie canopies. Low-line bakkie canopies are typically designed to match the height of the bakkie’s bed. Standard low-line canopies include a door and window. Space-saver canopies are useful for courier companies. This type of canopy has a double door that can be locked.

You may decide to find a customised aluminium canopy for sale. The advantage of an aluminium canopy is that they are lightweight and durable.

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Glass fibre canopies for sale are easy to find. It is advisable to buy a glass fibre canopy from a reputable brand so that you are sure of its quality. It is important to check that the canopy is made from quality fibre glass that doesn’t shatter if it’s broken. An indication of this can be an armour plate or SABS symbol.

A canvas canopy is another great option. These types of canopies are usually custom made for a vehicle and will most likely consist of an aluminium frame covered with ripstop canvas material that is durable in nature. A canvas canopy can be designed with features such as windows or a frame that can be used without the canvas material as well.

Fitting your Bakkie Canopy

You will need to decide whether you are going to secure the canopy onto your bakkie or if you will need one that can be removed easily. Heavy canopies offer better durability however lighter canopies are easier to remove.

Bakkie accessories include extra lighting both inside and outside the canopy. Another consideration is whether to buy a canopy with a vertical or horizontal door. Vertical doors can make it difficult to load large items as horizontal doors offer a larger opening.

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Cost of Canopies for sale

The cost of a canopy depends on a variety of factors including the type, brand and material used. Remember that finding a used canopy for sale can also help you save you. If you are looking for second hand canopies, you will need to start by researching what is currently available on classifieds sites like Junk Mail.

Compare prices to make sure that you are getting a good deal. Before you buy any bakkie accessories of this nature, make sure that you inspect it thoroughly for any damage. It is advisable to buy a good quality canopy from a reputable brand, whether you are buying new or second hand.

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When it comes to finding canopies for sale, there are plenty of brands, models and styles to choose from on Junk Mail. The canopy that you choose will depend on its purpose, style and cost. Make sure that you research what is available before choosing the right canopy for you. Remember to create your alert on Junk Mail to get informed of the latest and greatest deals on second hand canopies or, if you are selling your unused goods, place your FREE AD now!

Things to know before buying a canopy for your bakkie
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Things to know before buying a canopy for your bakkie
A bakkie canopy is an excellent investment to make. Whether it is for work or leisure, adding a canopy to your vehicle has many benefits.
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