Timberland boots: Celebrating 40 years of the original Yellow Boots

The iconic “yellow” boot from Timberland is celebrating 40 years of being in production. Timberland boots have gained world-wide popularity. The boots are worn by men and women across the globe including here in South Africa. When it comes to Timberland boots South Africa has a variety of options to choose from. Timberland boots for women have gained popularity on the local market. Since they were first introduced to the working class 40 years ago Timberland boots for men have caught the public’s eye. Find Timberland boots for sale or sell your boots on Junk Mail.


Timberland shoes for sale are a great choice. The brand has come to represent durability and reliability. The “yellow” boot is a symbol of independence. Over time the boot has remained true to its original qualities of excellence and practicality. From students to trend setters, Timberland boots are worn by a variety of people across the globe.


When it comes to Timberland shoes South Africa has embraced the international trend and the boots have become popular on the local market. The first yellow boot™ set the precedence for the brand’s quality and innovative design. At the time of its release the boot set a new trend which developed into the iconic Timberland brand. Its genuine style and rugged good looks have inspired numerous collections since the first yellow boot™ was sold.


Nathan Swartz founded the Abington Shoe Company in 1952 and later on his sons joined the family business. In 1973 the company first released a waterproof leather boot which was made from top quality nubuck leather. Its rubber lugs soles and excellent design added to its appeal. Timberland caught the eye of the public and became an instant success. Multiple rows of nylon stitching contribute to the durable nature of the yellow boot. Timberland was developed for the New Englander working class as a practical and durable boot for everyday wear. However, its genuine design grabbed the attention of the fashion world. After the Timberland boot was introduced to Europe it became a renowned brand on the continent. At the beginning of the 1980s these Timberland boots for sale offered excellently crafted footwear which was hand sewn for people who were looking for reliable footwear. By the mid-1980s Timberland’s popularity grew and the distributers attended numerous fashion events. As the boot became well-known across Europe and America it was sold in exclusive stores in Italy as well as Germany. Stores in the United Kingdom also began stocking Timberland boots.


The Paninaro movement at the start of the 1980s contributed to the success of the yellow boot™. It was a subculture of young people who spent time at the “Al Panino” bar. The yellow boot was an important part of the group’s attire which was then incorporated into popular culture. The boot represents individuality in Asia. Urban hip-hop was first ignited in Hong Kong during 1985 and the trend quickly spread to Japan. The hip-hop scene was strongly influenced by American trends which increased the demand for the Timberland boot.


Timberland has launched numerous projects which are designed to inspire people or to support local charity initiatives. The Boot Your Dream project is an amazing initiative which was introduced with the intention of inspiring people in Taiwan to follow their dreams.


The Boroughs Project used the boot as a canvas for the designs of artists in the five New York boroughs. The artists created boots which exemplified their neighbourhood. Six boots made up the collection that represented New York. Another incredible initiative is the Ginza project. The project involved collaboration between five Asian artists to commemorate the opening of a store in Japan during 2003.


In 1989 a non-profit organization, City Year, was given 50 Timberland boots. Following this, Jeffrey Swartz set up the Path of Service™ program. During 2005 Timberland collaborated with Don Cheadle as well as SaveDarfur.org with the aim of creating awareness of the genocide in Darfur. The Stomp Out Genocide boot was designed in response to these atrocities. Another social responsibility initiative is the company’s volunteer projects in the Bronx. After Hurricane Katrina Timberland staff members helped out in New Orleans.


Over the last 40 years Timberland boots for men and women have maintained an excellent reputation across the globe. Their excellent design and creative style have turned them into an international icon. Although creative variations such as the Chinese New Year Timberland, have been launched, the boots have remained true to their original practical functionality. Timberland boots have continued to offer men and women durable and fashionable boots.


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