Tips for choosing the right braai for you

Are you struggling to decide which type of braai to invest in? We are here to help! You’ll need to consider the pros on cons of each option before you make your decision. Whether you’re preparing a juicy steak or a piece of wors, there are plenty of benefits to owning a good quality braai. Common options include gas, charcoal, and kettle braais. Make the most of your beautiful South African summer days by finding a braai for sale on Junk Mail.

Find A Charcoal Braai For Sale On Junk Mail

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What do you need to consider when you’re buying a braai?

  1. How many people do you usually cook for? The size of the braai will depend on how many people are in your family and whether you enjoy entertaining large groups of guests.
  2. How frequently do you plan to braai? If you use your braai, often it’s advantageous to invest in a more expensive, higher-quality braai that can withstand the wear and tear frequent use.
  3. Where do you plan to use your braai? The area that you use your braai in most will have an impact on the size and type of braai that you choose.
  4. How much can you afford to spend? It’s advisable to invest in the best quality braai that you can afford. You can make your money go further by finding great bargains on Junk Mail.
  5. Is easy cleaning a priority for you? A gas braai is a good option if you’re looking for a braai that is easy to use and clean.
Find Braais For Sale On Junk Mail

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Wood Braai

For braai fanatics, the traditional wood or charcoal braai is the only option. The process of building a fire with wood or charcoal is an integral part of why people choose to own this type of braai. These braais come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which means that it’s easy to find a variation that matches your requirements.

Tips for choosing a wood braai:

  • Select a braai with a durable metal grid
  • Look for an adjustable grill so that you can prepare your meat perfectly
  • Make sure that it has an ashtray to add convenience to cleaning
  • Consider a portable variation if you enjoy camping or picnicking
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Kettle Braai

Is roasted chicken a favourite family meal? Then a kettle braai might be exactly what you’re looking for. This type of braai makes it easy to cook a whole chicken outdoors while soaking up the summer sunshine. The reason that it’s well-suited to cooking large pieces of meat is that it’s designed to distribute heat more evenly than other types of braais do. A distinctive quality of these braais is their dome lids, which have vents in them. You’ll also have the option of using a range of awesome accessories to elevate your braai experience. Invest in smokers and rotisseries to take the taste of your cooked meat to the next level.

Tips for choosing a kettle braai:

  • Buy the best quality braai that falls within your budget
  • Choose quality, sturdy metal and enamelling
  • Make sure that the lid closes properly
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Gas Braai

While some traditional braai masters may not want to make use of a gas braai, there are advantages to owning one. They are convenient to use and easy to clean while offering you great versatility. The addition of a thermostat and various heat settings can help you cook a variety of food to perfection. You also won’t have to deal with having smoke everywhere.

Tips for choosing a gas braai:

  • Invest in a model that has a strong construction
  • Look for a gas braai with more than one burner so you can cook different types of food at the same time
  • Check the temperature options that the braai offers
Gas Braais For Sale On Junk Mail

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With a wide selection of braais for sale, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. While a wood braai is a popular option, they aren’t for everyone. Depending on your needs and preferences, a kettle or gas braai might be the best choice for you. So, don’t miss out on great offers, visit Junk Mail today!

Tips for choosing the right braai for you
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Tips for choosing the right braai for you
Are you struggling to decide which type of braai to invest in? We are here to help! Your options include a wood/charcoal, kettle or gas braai.
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