Tips on how to keep your laptop safe in the Sun

As it gets sunnier, people will be looking forward to basking in the sun and relaxing by the pool. But at the same time, people also want to do their work and surf the net on their computer, how do you do this without damaging your laptop?


This is for all those that will be working from home, or taking a school break during this Spring. You should prepare yourself, to ensure that your laptop does not get damaged.

The truth is, we might love the sun and probably miss it the most at this time, especially after the long Winter, but laptops are unfortunately not like us. They need proper care to ensure their longevity and performance.


Here are the four tips to help you get through this Spring and Summer:

1. Make use of the shading spots


Try by means to shade in your laptop, whether by lying under a tree, or using a towel to cover it, point is, limit your laptop’s access to the sun.

However, if you are making use of office laptops that come with a black case, this is perfect because the black case can be used to absorb the sun’s rays. The reason is, if your laptop gets too much sun or gets overheated your laptop can lose battery life forever.

2. Give your laptop time to cool off


Whether it is in between meetings when you are not using your laptop, or driving from home to a meeting, you must try to give your laptop time to cool off.

This gives your laptop time to breathe before it can be used again. This ensures that the next time you turn it on, it performs well.

3. Do not leave your computer unattended in the Sun


If you are getting in the house to get a refreshment or something, ensure that you do not leave your laptop in the sun. The truth is it might boil, figuratively speaking that is.

Your laptop is like your pet or your child; you should never leave either in the car unattended.

4. If you are feeling sweaty, your laptop probably feels the same.


If it gets too hot, find a shade or take a break and put your laptop away. Because, you might get too sweaty and wipe it off, but the sweat from your laptop cannot just be wiped away. If it gets over 35 Celsius, it is advised to keep your laptop indoors.

So, whatever brand of laptop you are using, Acer, HP or even Samsung, laptops are not prone to being used in the sun. Be careful and use it knowing the consequences.

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