Tips on Taking Attractive Photos for Your Adverts

Junk Mail is always committed to helping you place successful adverts and getting your items sold. A major part of selling is the photo that is attached to your advert. It’s actually a major contributor to selling your product. That is why the Junk Mail team chose to feature some cool photography tips that might benefit you when placing an ad. Here they are:

  • Background: It is always a good idea to have a white background. Regardless of the product you are shooting, if the product is white as well, use a black background.  This will ensure that the product is viewed optimally.
  • Lighting: Always allow even light to your product. It helps to have the light behind the camera, this ensures a good balance and ample light to reach your product.
  • Angles: Avoid shooting from strange or difficult angles, this will ensure no distortion in the product.
  • Shots: Take a few shots to ensure that you have a variation of choice for the best shot.
  • Stabilisation: Always try to keep your movements minimal. Even the slightest hand movement can make a difference to your product shot.
  • Bigger Products: Bigger items that can not be put against a small white background can be put against a plain white wall, or even suspended using clear fishing line.
  • Flash Distance: Be sure not to stand too close to your product when using the flash. Keep the right distance by standing at different proximities to the product and view how the shot appears after being taken.

We hope these tips were helpful and we look forward to seeing your ads on Junk Mail.

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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