Top 5 ad placement tips you need to know

Ad Placement Tips

Junk Mail is all about connecting buyers and sellers. That is why I would like to take the time and highlight the top 5 ad placement tips when it comes to placing an ad on Junk Mail.

1. How to place an ad

Firstly, you will need to know hów to place a free ad. It is really easy and all you have to do is follow the instructions. If you should get lost on your way, simply follow these easy instructions on our help site.

2. Include a photo

When placing an ad on Junk Mail, make sure you include a photo. An advert that has an image with it gets more views. More views will ensure that people will buy your item. In turn, you walk away with the cash in hand!

3. Be descriptive

Make sure you have a detailed description of what it is that you are selling. Nothing disappoints more than false advertising. Make sure you cover your basis and tell the users exactly what you have to offer.

4. For what?!

Make sure that you specify whether your advert is a giveaway, for sale, to swop, or a wanted ad. Not too sure what a wanted ad is? Have a look over here.

5. Share your advert

Sure, with over a million uniques visitors pulling though to the site, your advert will get good exposure. But, what if you want more? Remember that you can share your ad on our Facebook page. You can also tweet us a @JunkMailcoza and we might just give you a retweet. Alternatively, you can post your ads on our Google Plus page where we can reshare it for you.

There you go! 5 Quick and easy ad placement tips that will most definitely help you sell your item. Can you say “SOLD IT”?!

Heinrich van den Worm

Head of Social and Media Strategist @AVATAR_ZA | Went barefoot for a year for charity | Not a guru | Compadre

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