Top braaiing essentials for braai season

As the days get hotter, it’s time to stock up on all your braaiing essentials. With the right tools, you’ll be ready to enjoy the summer sunshine with friends and family. From tongs to basting brushes, there is a range of accessories you need to make sure your braai’s a great success. Visit Junk Mail and find all your braaiing essentials for sale in one place.

Dry wood

Dry wood for braaiing | Junk Mail
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Wet wood is a recipe for a disaster when it comes to starting your braai. Make sure that you buy a pile of wood and store it properly so that it stays dry. With a stock of dry wood, you’ll be ready for a spontaneous braai whenever the sun comes out.

Charcoal and firelighters

Invest in good quality charcoal so that you can cook your meat to perfection. You’ll also need firelighters to take the hassle out of igniting the flames.

Basting tools

Give your meat the ultimate flavour by coating it in marinade while it’s on the grill. Basting tools make it easy to take the flavour of your meat to the next level. Add a basting brush and jug to your list of braaiing essentials.


A sturdy set of tongs is a must-have for any braai master. These tools are used to lift and turn the meat. From boerewors to steak, tongs make it easy for you to cook any type of meat to perfection.

A sharp knife

When you prepare your braaiing essentials, make sure you include a sharp knife. It will come in handy when you’re preparing meat and vegetables as well as when you’re cooking.

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Get the temperature of your braai right with a thermometer. Whether you’re an experienced braai master or you’re still an amateur, a thermometer offers more control over the cooking process. A thermometer comes in handy when you’re cooking roasts and fillets.

Metal skewers

Add interest to your braai menu by preparing delicious sosaties. With metal skewers, it’s easy to grill smaller pieces of meat and vegetables on the fire. For added flavour, incorporate fruit into your sosaties and add spices.


Keep your clothes clean by using an apron. You can opt for a traditional apron or have some fun with one of the numerous quirky apron prints that are out there.


The braai that you choose will depend on your personal preferences and budget. A gas braai, Weber or half-drum braai are all popular options. You could even consider installing a built-in braai in your outdoor entertainment area. The advantage of a gas braai is that it offers you precise control over the temperature. A portable braai gives you the freedom to cook your food in exciting new locations. Whether you’re having a picnic or going camping, owning a portable braai will come in handy.

Braai menu

Plan your braai menu ahead of time so that you don’t have to rush at the last minute to try and prepare everything before your guests arrive. Boerewors, steak, and chicken are popular meats to braai. There are also plenty of delicious plant-based braai options available. Side dishes are a crucial element of any braai. Firm favourites include potato salad, garlic bread, and a green salad. Braais are usually casual occasions so you can ask guests to bring a side dish to share to ensure that there’s plenty of food for everyone.

Cleaning and maintenance tools

After all the fun is over, you’ll need to give your braai a good clean. Take the hassle out of this boring task by using a grill cleaning brush. It’s also advisable to buy a cover to protect your braai from the weather and dust when it’s not being used.

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Once you have all the equipment you need, you’ll be ready to welcome the braai season with open arms. Visit Junk Mail to find a wide range of braaiing essentials for sale.

Top braaiing essentials for braai season | Junk Mail
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Top braaiing essentials for braai season | Junk Mail
As the days get hotter, it’s time to stock up on all your braaiing essentials. With the right tools, you’ll be ready to have fun this summer.
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Junk Mail
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