Up your angling with fishing kayaks

In the market for kayaks for sale on Junk Mail? Whether you are new to kayak fishing or more advanced, there is a wide range of kayaks to choose from. Kayak fishing is a popular choice for many fishermen and, using a fishing kayak allows you to access new waters and find better fishing spots.

Kayak fishing is not only an exciting sport, it also offers you a relatively cheap method of getting out onto the water. Another benefit of kayaks is that they can also be used by your family for recreational purposes.

fishing kayak for sale

Looking at the fishing kayak

When it comes to finding a fishing kayak for sale, you will have the benefit of a wide range of brands to choose from.

When you are choosing a kayak you will need to make a list of your needs first. The kayak that you choose will depend on where you will be fishing and whether you will be using the kayak for other purposes. It is important to see the kayak first before you purchase it.

When you are deciding which fishing kayak to buy you will need to look at the kayak’s length, width and weight. Longer kayaks cover distances easier but offer less manoeuvrability. Wider kayaks are more stable than narrow models. Heavier kayaks are more difficult to launch than their lighter counterparts.

Sit-on-top kayaks are well-suited to saltwater fishing while sit-inside kayaks are a better choice for moving waters. Don’t forget to check the kayak’s seat. Seats which offer good back support are preferable and you can also finds kayaks that offer adjustable seats.

kayak for fishing

Another factor to consider is the amount of storage space that the kayak offers. Once you have your kayak you can add accessories such as rod holders, tackle boxes, anchors and paddle leashes. More of a shore fisherman? Check out “A Fisherman’s guide to essential fishing equipment” on the Junk Mail Blog.

Fishing Kayak brands to choose from

Like mentioned earlier, there is a wide range of brands, sizes and shapes to choose from. To help you get started in finding the best fishing kayak for sale, we’ve highlighted available options in South Africa.

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Perception Striker 11.5

The Striker 11.5 is a fun kayak which is perfect for recreational activities but it is designed with fishermen in mind. This kayak offers excellent control and stability. The Striker 11.5 can cope with heavier weights without detracting from its performance. The tri-hull design provides superior stability which makes stand-up casting possible.

perception striker 11.5

Image Source: Canoe & Kayak South Africa Website.

Highlights of this fishing kayak are its rear storage, day hatch and rod holders. This model is well-suited to flat water or slow-moving conditions. The two seat options include seats in high or low positions. The Perception Striker 11.5 is priced at R 9990. It is 351cm long and 83cm wide. The weight of this boat is 29 kgs and it has a maximum capacity of 227 kgs.

Tarpon 120

The Tarpon 120 is ideal for recreational activities. It is well-suited for use on dams, lakes and smooth seas. You can use this kayak for fishing as well as snorkelling and swimming. The Tarpon 120 was awarded first place in the 2008 Sea Kayak Magazine Reader’s Choice Award.

Its size and features give you the freedom to explore and make the most of every adventure. Highlights include the Phase 3 AirPro SOT Seating System and the gear storage pockets. This model also features side carry handles and a big Oval Orbix bow hatch.

tarpon 120 kayak for sale

Image Source: Canoe & Kayak South Africa Website.

The Tarpon 120 has a maximum capacity of 159 kgs. It is 373 cm long and 76 cm wide. Its deck height is 35cm and it weighs 29 kgs. The retail price of this fishing kayak is R 14 700. You can choose to add a rudder for an additional R 3500.

Thresher 140

The Thresher 140 is a high performance kayak. It combines speed and precision with excellent stability. Its design makes it easy to handle in varying open water conditions. Its modern deck and smart layout set it apart from the crowd. Highlights of this deck are its Phase 3 Airpro seat, bow storage hood and Keepers XL brace system.

thresher 140

Image Source: Canoe & Kayak South Africa Website.

Other noteworthy features are its gear storage pockets, SlideTrax accessory system and self-bailing scupper holes. The Thresher 140 has a maximum capacity of 181 kgs. It has a length of 434 cm and width of 73 cm. Its deck height is 36 cm and it has a weight of 34 kgs. The retail price for this model is R25 450 and an optional rudder is available for an additional R 3500.

Ride 11.5

The Ride 11.5 offers you great stability. Its versatile performance makes it a great buy. This kayak offers you everything that you need and more. Its huge capacity and easy-to-use storage are advantageous. Its compact design makes it convenient to transport.

While this model is a great fishing kayak, it can be used by paddlers and hobbyists too. The Ride 11.5 has a maximum capacity of 227 kgs and a boat weight of 36 kgs. It is 351 cm long and 84cm wide. The deck height of this boat is 42 cm. The Ride 11.5 costs R15 350 and you can purchase a rudder for R 3500. Highlights of the Ride 11.5 are its Phase 3 seat and high performance hull.

ride 11.5 kayak

Image Source: Canoe & Kayak South Africa Website.

Commander 120

The Commander 120 offers you agility and stability. Its superior comfort and capacity are also note-worthy. Highlights of this kayak are its dual seating system and pontoon-style hull.

With plenty of customisation options, you can make sure that your fishing kayak meets your requirements. The Commander 120 has a maximum capacity of 181 kgs. It has a length of 366 cm and a width of 77cm. The deck height of this boat is 34cm and it has a weight of 33kgs.

commander 120 kayak for sale

If you enjoy fishing and have not yet tried out kayak fishing, it might be worth a go. Convinced that the only way forward is to find affordable kayaks for sale? Browse through the ads listed on Junk Mail and find great bargains on your next fishing kayak today!

Up your angling with fishing kayaks
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Up your angling with fishing kayaks
Kayak fishing is a popular choice for many fishermen and, using a fishing kayak allows you to access new waters and find better fishing spots.
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