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Are you looking for pets for sale? Junk Mail has recently updated their Pets Policy in order to promote the ethical sale and purchase of animals. If you want to buy birds online, the minimum age for larger bird species is six months and the minimum age for smaller bird species is three months.

If you are placing an ad for birds on Junk Mail, it is mandatory to state the bird’s date of birth or their current age. The ad must also include a statement that the bird will only be able to leave the mother bird at three or six months, depending on the breed.

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The sale of birds for hand-rearing is not permitted. Hand-rearing a bird is complicated and, when an untrained person tries to hand-rear a bird, it puts the baby bird’s life at risk. This frequently results in a dead baby bird or a bird who exhibits behavioural problems. It is therefore essential that hand-rearing birds is left to trained professionals.

In the wild, parrots live with their parents for months, where they are fed and taught how to behave like a parrot. When you’re looking for pets for sale, make sure that you don’t buy young animals since this has negative impacts on the animals for the rest of their lives. Some breeders take the eggs away from their mothers before the baby parrot hatches, which has far-reaching consequences for the bird.

Birds who have bonded with their parent and spent a significant amount of time with them are less likely to exhibit behavioural issues when they are older. With the right care and information, you can buy birds online and bond with them once they have reached maturity.

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The purchase of un-weaned birds for sale can have many negative consequences. Formula that is not heated to the right temperature can result in crop burn. If the formula is too cold, it can result in sour crop, where the formula stays in the parrot’s crop and causes an infection. This is a particularly prevalent problem in cockatiels and lovebirds.

If the baby is fed the incorrect amount of food, it can starve to death very quickly. Inexperienced care can also lead to aspiration where the formula is inhaled to into the bird’s lungs, which leads to a painful death. Similarly, overfeeding baby birds can have fatal consequences to their health.

High levels of hygiene need to be maintained as baby birds don’t have a fully functioning immune system and any diseases can be fatal to a young bird. It is common for hand-reared birds to be aggressive to their owners. They can also engage in repetitive behaviour, such as weaving back and forth.

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Ideally, birds should not be kept in cages as they are wild animals who need to fly in open spaces and spend time with other birds. In captivity, birds become frustrated, aggressive and jealous.

Junk Mail is a firm supporter of responsible pet ownership and wants to encourage all future and current pet owners to consider the welfare of any pets they plan on taking on or already own.

Read Junk Mail's Updated Pet Policy on Birds | Junk Mail Blog
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Read Junk Mail's Updated Pet Policy on Birds | Junk Mail Blog
Are you looking for pets for sale? Junk Mail has recently updated their Pet Policy in order to promote the ethical sale and purchase of animals.
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2 Responses

  1. David Papayanni says:

    Congratulations and thank you for your stance on the sale of pets; be they dogs, cats or birds. I assist at a dog rescue NGO and there are hundreds of beautiful dogs looking for forever homes. I just wish stringent legislation was introduced to curb breeding of so-called “pure bred” dogs.

  2. Amelia says:

    Congratulations on updating your bird policy. I hope the same will apply to dogs and cats.
    Excellent job, well done.

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