Updated South African Social Media Statistics for 2012

Social Media has become part of many South African’s Daily Lives. Many of you reading this are probably not convinced that Social Media has the power to change the world?

Well, think again. There are more than 300 million users on the micro-blogging service Twitter and more than 800 million users on Facebook globally. Pinterest (a pinboard-style social photo sharing website) has also been making waves and now has more than 11 million users.

Junk Mail has also been embracing Social Media over the last few years. You can follow Junk Mail via @jmclassifieds on Twitter or you can  join Junk Mail Classifieds on Facebook (or join our regional Johannesburg, Pretoria, Kwazulu Natal or Cape Town pages). If social photo sharing is your thing, you are also welcome to follow Junk Mail on Pinterest.

Even our sister publication Job Mail has been embracing the Social Media age. Follow Job Mail via @jobmail on Twitter. You can also join Job Mail on Facebook.

South Africa doesn’t have a huge amount of Internet users, but it’s growing daily. We do however have a huge amount of Mobile Phone users. One can’t ignore the Mobile Phone space in the Digital Marketplace.

Chatterbox Digital recently posted a video highlight Social Media Statistics in South Africa. Many facts are brought to light in the clip, but the following facts are quite significant:

  • There are over 4.8 million South African Facebook users (9.86% penetration of the total South African population)
  • 91% of South African internet users have a Facebook account.
  • 50% of South African Facebook users access it via their mobile phones.
  • The average Facebook user spends 700 minutes a month on Facebook.
  • There are 1.1 million Twitter users in South Africa (of which 405,000 users are actively tweeting)
  • South African Twitter Users send 470,000 Tweets per month.
  • Johannesburg is the city in South Africa that is the most active on Twitter.
  • There are more than 1.5 million Linkedin users in South Africa.
  • 29% of South African internet users have a Linkedin Account.
  • South African YouTube users upload 48 hours of video every minute onto the website.
  • There are over 460,000 registered South African Google+ users.
  • Mxit is still the biggest Social Network in South Africa with 10 million users.

You can view the full video (which contains more interesting South African Social Media Statistics) below:

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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