Upgrading your computer desktop at a bargain

You can get more out of your desktop computer by buying new parts. From installing a better CPU to buying a graphics card, there are plenty of ways to get a better performance out of your computer. The best part about it is that with the wide range of used parts available, you don’t have to spend a fortune. If you want to get more out of your PC, find computer hardware for sale on Junk Mail.

motherboard for a desktop

Why should you get a desktop computer?

Are you wondering whether to buy a desktop computer or not? Desktop computers are easy to upgrade and there is a range of benefits to owning these electronic devices. Upgrading PC parts is more affordable than purchasing a new laptop. It is easy to buy a PC keyboard at a low cost rather than spending a larger sum on a laptop. Likewise, you can find inexpensive computer RAM for sale.

When your laptop starts to experience technical difficulties you are forced to buy a whole new computer whereas with a PC you can just replace the computer hardware. The most significant difference between a laptop and a PC is the processor as well as the graphics processor. A desktop computer often has a more powerful processor than a laptop. If you are a photo or video editor, you will benefit from owning a PC.

A powerful desktop comes with a lower price tag than a powerful laptop. Gamers can enjoy a better performance on a PC at a lower cost. With your PC as your primary working computer, you can buy a cheap portable device, such as a tablet, for when you are on-the-move. The risk of losing an inexpensive device to theft is less stressful than the chances of your expensive laptop going missing.

PC components to upgrade

Are you wondering where to start? Take a look at the list of computer hardware below to find out which parts you should be upgrading.


At the heart of the computer is the CPU. The Central Processing Unit is the most important part of your PC. It is where all the calculations occur. Upgrading your CPU helps to improve the speed of your computer. Make sure that you buy a processor that is compatible with your computer and that it delivers a faster performance than the one that you already have. It is important to ensure that you buy a processor with the socket format that matches your computer. Once you have purchased a CPU you will need to remove your PC’s current processor and install the new one.

cpu installed in pc


RAM is short for Random Access Memory. It is the most common form of memory in computers. Similar to the short-term memory of people, Computer RAM focuses on the current task. It allows the computer to access data quickly so that tasks can be completed easily. Data is kept in RAM when the computer is running, however, RAM loses the data when the computer is switched off. Upgrading your Computer RAM will help to make your PC run faster.

With operating systems using more memory than ever, it is becoming important to equip your computer with additional memory. If you want to be able to open numerous tabs in Chrome or use a few programs at once, a bigger RAM is helpful. The minimum amount of RAM that you should be looking at is 8GB but 16GB is a better option. You will need to check what type of RAM you need for your computer as older PCs require a different type of RAM to the latest models.

Graphics Cards

A graphics card controls how pictures and videos are shown on your computer screen. The graphics card that you have will impact the quality of the image. If you are an avid gamer, you may want to invest in a new graphics card. Some graphics cards are easy to use by plugging them into the slot in the PC’s motherboard. Others are built into the motherboard. Something to consider when you buy a graphics card is whether your CPU is fast enough.

graphics card collection

Looks that match your desktop performance

After you have upgraded your computer hardware, you can customise the appearance of your desktop. Give your desktop computer a distinctive style, by buying uniquely designed:


A computer case is the tower of the computer which contains most of the computer’s components. With a range of different cases to choose from, you can pick a style that best matches your requirements.

gamers desktop case


Computer monitors display images. While similar to a television screen, the display resolution of monitors is of a higher resolution. You can upgrade your computer by purchasing a better quality monitor.


A computer mouse typically has two buttons as well as a scroll wheel. However, if you are looking for an enhanced user experience you can opt for a gaming mouse or an ergonomic mouse.


A PC keyboard is used to input data into your computer. Different types of keyboards are available. If you are an avid gamer, you may want to buy an illuminated keyboard which will make it easier to play games in the dark.

gamers keyboard

Benefits of buying second hand

Buying second hand computer hardware is a great way to save money. Second hand parts come with much lower price tags than used ones. When you buy used hardware you can afford to buy more parts than you would otherwise be able too. If you upload your graphics card, it is more than likely, that you will need a new CPU and RAM too. When you buy used parts you can take your user experience to the next level.

There is a sense of pride and joy that comes from putting together your own computer. The sensation is fuelled by having done it at a bargain. Junk Mail is a great platform for finding second hand adverts for all things computer. Make sure to browse through the computer hardware category today.

Upgrading your computer desktop at a bargain
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Upgrading your computer desktop at a bargain
You can get more out of your desktop computer by buying new parts. If you want to get more out of your PC, find computer hardware for sale on Junk Mail.
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Junk Mail
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