Urgent Vehicle Scam Warning

Over the last few years the Junk Mail Scam Busting Team has gone to great lengths to inform Junk Mail users about the variations of scams in the market place. Scammers are getting more crafty in the way they try to lure unsuspected victims. The good news is, we at Junk Mail are ensuring that our systems are improving to make sure more scammers get caught while trying to con.

It is important for all buyers and sellers to know about the various scams that are making their rounds. If you know how the scams operate then you will be smart enough to avoid these and other ploys. It is time to get scam smart by learning from the Junk Mail Scam Busting Team…

It has come to our attention that there is a syndicate of scammers trying to con buyers into purchasing cars that are way under market value. For those of you who are not aware this is how most Fake Vehicle Scams work, fraudsters get you to fall in love with a cheap car only to find out after paying a deposit that the car never existed.

Over the last few months variations of this scam have been popping up.  We have identified such a con artist on the Junk Mail webiste, this fraudster is trying to scam our users, we are on his heels but in order to catch him we need your help.

How This Scam Works: This scammer (who uses the e-mail adress matt-33331@hotmail.com) places fake adverts for a vehicles for sale. The advert is usually placed with a photo. The price for the vehicle is set at a value that is below market value. This is done in order to get the maximum response from honest prospective buyers. No phone number(s) are used in the adverts. The scammer does this to get potential buyers to respond via e-mail

Once a potential buyer responds to him via e-mail, the scammers replies with this type of message:


Sorry for the delayed response, but I’m in Kruger National Park right now and I have been very busy with my work.I shoot a documentary for National Geographic for two years, and in two weeks the documentary will be ready and I’ll go back home to United States. Anyway,thank you for your interest in buying the car. The total price of the XXXXXX (vehicle model) is R34 000. The car is registered in South Africa on my name and right now is located in  Johannesburg in my garage. I am selling this car at a very cheap price, because in US, with the money obtained for this car, I’ll buy a new car. In the U.S. the car prices are much much lower then here. The car is like new, in perfect conditions, accident free, no scratches, no special marks, no need for additional repairs, always garaged. You can see from the pictures . If you decide to buy the car i will bring it personally at your home anywhere in SA . I wait your email . 

Thank you”

If the potential buyer responds the above e-mail to get more details, the scammer sends out this next reply:

“Hi again,

I have spoken with my project manager and i can take a free day anytime to come and bring you the car. I also informed my wife about this (she is in US) and she told me that we must use a third party like eBay( www.eBay.com <http://www.eBay.com>) in order to be safe (my wife is a power seller on eBay so we can use their services for free). I want to use eBay because we are in a country like South Africa and we both know that we can find very bad people here. I am sorry to say it because i love this country, but yes, South Africa is not what it used to be. All i need from you is your full name and address so i can register you as potential buyer on eBay.

Full name :


Postal code :

Phone number :

After I will have all this details I will forward them to eBay Motors and I will proceed the order. eBay will contact you with all the details that you need to complete this deal and also to see that i am covered by them and that I am legit seller. When eBay will confirm me that you are a serious buyer i will go in Johannesburg to take the car and in 24 hours i will be at your home with the car and all the documents that you need to register the car under your name . When i come to you, if you do not like it by any reason you can refuse it and i will find another buyer.

Thank you”

Once the potential buyer makes the payment for this fake vehicle, the scammer will either avoid the potential buyer or spin a story about needing more money or even claim that the vehicle is at a fake address in a location in South Africa.

How to Avoid Fake Vehicle Scams:

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this sound to good to be true?
  • Can I contact this advertiser directly via phone?
  • Is this advertiser avoiding direct contact with me?
  • Is this advertiser’s e-mail address an e-mail address that can be created in less than 5 minutes on the internet?
  • Is this advertiser using broken English?
  • Is the advertiser asking you to make a payment via a Third Party Payment?

If you are able to answer YES to any or all of these questions above, the advert you are viewing is most likely a scam. At this point we ask you to please report this scam using the red “Report Advert” button on the right-hand side of the advert.

This particular scammer is attempting to defraud potential buyers using our site and we do not permit this on our free trading platform. The vehicles that are being advertised DO NOT EXIST. Junk Mail is also NOT affiliated with Ebay.com. These are all the tell-tale signs of a Fake Vehicle Scam.

REMEMBER: If you come accross a possible scam advert, please make use of the “Report Advert” option that is provided for each advert on the website. You can also report the possible scam to Junk Mail Customer Care via ccc@junkmail.co.za or via phone on 012-3423840 x2295 (during office hours). If a member of the Junk Mail Scam Busting Team does not respond via one of these channels, you can also notify us about a scam on the wall of the Junk Mail Facebook Fan page or by mentioning your query to @JMClassifieds on Twitter.

If you have any comments / suggestion regarding this, please comment on this post. Feedback on this post is appreciated and welcome. Please share this post with your fellow Junk Mail Users / Friends to make them aware of this scam and don’t become a victim.

Junk Mail posts various scam warnings on the Avoid Scams section on the Junk Mail website, so make sure you read this section carefully to be aware of the scams that are circulating. Junk Mail also posts regular updates about scams under the Safety and Security section to keep all our users informed.

This scam warning is brought to you by the Junk Mail Scam Busting Team. Junk Mail promotes a safe trading zone for buyers and sellers to transact. 


Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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139 Responses

  1. Vicky says:

    Since you have the account number that you paid the booking fee into, are you not able to lay a charge against these people? Or even get your money back? He had to be KYCed in order to open the account. I gave Trevor R700 & then he stopped answering my emails or answering his phone. Desperately needed a car.

  2. donald says:

    I’m warning people about a man called trevor musgrove on emails calls himself trevor john.this guy is a crook and pretend to sell bakkies via take over installment.he therefore claims for deposit and once he received the money then he is gone.he can’t even take calls on all his phones.Who ever knows this guy pls supply police with information as he is already reported to Sa police for fraud.please everyone help to trace this man.

  3. wayne says:

    The guy using 0760988799 calls him self Stephen took me for R17000 on a bakkie deposit. Case is open at Meyerton police station.

  4. Jackie says:

    I was scammed by guy Morne Willemse 078 302 3708 – says he stays in the Parys/Vanderbijlpark area. I had to pay deposit on a bakkie to take over installments and he disappeared with the cash… He had many excuses why he could not deliver the vehicle and eventually said he will refund me, which he never did. I informed a police friend but nothing has come from it… so I took a chance and advertised again that I wanted to take over installments and guess who phones me today… idiot. And speaks to me as if he never spoke to me before to pitch the awesome deal he has… Told him he must pay back my money (this is now weeks after the first time he called me) or he will see himself land in jail. He said he will check his account because he knows he paid me back.. but is sent him numerous messages (which was delivered and read) telling him I want my money. I know I won’t get it back. I am going to the police now to open a formal case. I know he can be traced.

    • Hi Jackie,

      We are very sorry to hear that you’ve fallen victim to a scammer.

      Please send the SAPS Case number to Scam@JunkMail.co.za, they already have the above details.

      Please remember to never pay for anything you haven’t seen or been able to verify.

    • karen says:

      Hi there. i have just had a very close encounter with the same guy Morne’. his changed his no to 0630912907. i advertised looking to buy a car. he called me saying he has a car in parys outside of vandebijlpark. he wanted me to send him money to install a tracker before he could deliver. cudnt give me any bank details as the buyer already been to the bank but that i must do an e-wallet. i picked up immediately it was a scam thank goodness.. please be careful. this guy is such a smooth operator. hope he gets caught

  5. Chris Joubert says:

    Hi There
    I am extremely embarrassed that I could fall for such a scam. Yesterday I received a call from Namibian citizen speaking fluent impeccable Afrikaans. My Audi RS5 was listed with Junk mail for quite some time now, and he offered me a cash deal of R700,000.00 …. But I had to keep the car for a couple days until he could arrange transport and I could serve him all the proper documentations. I had to meet him in Vereeniging this morning, On meeting Daniel Thomas, a scared faced with two golden front teeth, well dressed, but not overdressed – virtually no interest in the Audi, he immediately coached me into discussion of the diamond trade that he is working for.
    He took me to Merriman Ave in Vereeniging where he would collect his money, At that stage I was very uncomfortable with the issue and asked him to leave my car. Just at that moment a gentleman with a typical Moslem robe wanted to enter the car.
    After evicting both from my car, they still wanted to business.
    I am sure that this is the same group of guys that most people discuss in previous blogs. I had a very good look at the Namibian.
    It was definitively a SCAM I just don’t know what.
    People be very careful when you place any add on Junk mail. I had from a Lt Col offering me large sums of money to marriage proposals potential high jacking’s but not ONE offer to purchase

    • Hi there. We are very sorry to hear about your ordeal.

      Please can we request that you send all the details about the potential scammer to scam@JunkMail.co.za.

      We have looked into the emails you received and have blocked every spam responder from using the site for any purposes.

      Please note these cars are not, as you might very well know, affordable and as such won’t sell very fast. If you haven’t sold the car yet, let us know and we will move it to a home page listing for you.

      Thank you for using Junk Mail!

  6. Susa says:


    I am currently in the process of buying a bakkie from Kobus and Rachel Venter. It is also a junkmail turned e-bay scheme. I am all for legitimate sales but the fact that she is a power seller on ebay and does not have an e-bay sellers ID is what red flagged the deal for me.

  7. Sylvester Dun says:

    How can i verify if a placed advert for a car is a scam or genuine. Most car deals that i have found so far just look so exaggerated. A 2015 kia cerrato with about 16000 km on the clock selling for R40 000.
    Please help .

  8. Ivan Greyling says:

    Thank God for this article, almost took one right between the legs for 26K…

    Same Kobus and Rachel wanted 26000 for a Can Am Spyder. Add has now been deleted.

  9. Gb says:

    This Kobus and Racheal selling ford Ranger for less that 50, 000 Rands and want me to pay through ebay. But how do you allow fake people like that. Good to know that Kobus and Racheal are fraudsters.

    • Hi there,

      Unfortunately there is no way for us to detect an advertiser has scamming intentions before the ad is moderated by our Scam Buster Team.

      Please be so kind as to send us details of their email address and any other information you might have to Scam@JunkMail.co.za.

      Thank you in advance!

  10. Migael says:

    we have been scammed by a guy who goes by a few different names.. Quinton Beldtus, Mike Alloy and Tal Anderson. he claims to work for a company called AR Trading in Kimberley. advertised a golf cart for R16500 – we ended up paying R30000 for the thing and then the bastard disappeared. cant get hold of him. emails i have for him are quintonbeldtus37@yahoo.com and ar.trading.co2013@gmail.com
    he posts on junkmail and on gumtree. help me find this idiot because i’m going to rip his face off. cant believe people do this!

  11. Mimi says:

    ok, i have not yet been scammed, i got redirected to this site because i am doing a research on a seller by the Robert Dubois who wants to sell me his 2006 RENAULT CLIO DYNAMIQUE 16V BLACK for R16000.00 and for some reason this seems too good to be true, he send me an email that reads:
    Thanks for your interest in my car. The car is still available and in
    excellent condition. I’m from France. I lived and worked in South
    Africa for one year as Medical assistant for the Red Cross
    International but presently; I’m in republic of Togo for a new job.
    I bought the car in South Africa, the car is still
    registered in South Africa. The given price R16,000 is a Give away
    price because since i brought the car here i can’t use it due to the
    fact that the constitution here does not allow the Right Hand Drive
    cars. I’m not sure of coming back to South Africa and the car will be
    useless if i couldn’t get somebody who can ship the car back to South
    Africa and take good care of it.
    If you are interested, I can find a transport company here to
    transport the car back to South Africa for you. The transport cost
    will be deducted from the R16,000(price on the ad)
    and attached the vehicle’s pictures, but after i replied to him saying that i am interested but will only make payment upon the vehicle being delivered to me, he replied by saying:

    This car is like my first son and I want you to promise that you will take good car of it.
    The car is still in excellent condition and the car has never been in
    any accident and there are no rust on the body. The service record is
    ok and the License is still up to October 2016, the Road Worthy
    Certificate is available and ok and the car is still registered in
    South Africa on my behalf.

    The payment option is 50% deposit to cover the transport cost before delivery and 50% deposit upon delivery.

    I told him i will not be paying for a vehicle i haven’t see and that if he cannot understand my situation then he can sell to someone else, I am still waiting for his response…

  12. Thuli says:

    Was also scammed of R25000.00 cause was trying to buy a car and I deposited it.When delivery was due they told me many stories and I had to go to FNB to the manager to show him all the banking details.Fortunately they were able to block the account.Now cellphones are off and fax is not working!!

  13. Shady says:

    Hi guys
    Am also a lil embarrassed to say this co I am usually careful of these things. I saw an advert and fell for it. This guy asked for a deposite which I gave him only R5000 coz I didn’t have enough. He said he will deliver a car but later brought another excuse with a driver that I need to put in another money at spar n that became a total of R7500 and imagine I borrow this money. Up until today there is no car. Am a ill angry so am typing correct. I have his details like bank a count. They guys name is Chris but asked me to deposite the money to an account owned by T Cele. He said he is from Northe Cape. I now want my money back n this but star behind bars. I kept every conversation I had with him including the slips and those of the guy who claims to be his driver. Now I need a way to get my money back and these two idiots behind bars for fraud. Any Idea on how I can achieve that? Please assist

  14. tino says:

    BEWARE of this scammer.

    I have receiced a mail today from this guy saing his name is Donald Lombard .

    Thanks for the mail and interest you have
    towards my 2012
    Volkswagen Golf i have for sale at the cost of
    The car is still in good condition as it has never been hit or involve in
    any crash. Below are the full details of the Vehicle in question. Mark……………………Volkswagen
    Body Type……………..Hatchback
    Mileage…………………57711 km
    Transmission………….Automatic You must get back to me with answers of the below
    questions: Where are you located ?
    How soon are you willing for us to deal? Waiting for your quick reply

  15. tino says:

    Sorry i made an error

    BEWARE OF THIS SCAMMER ; i received a mail from him today ; his name is Donald Lombard

    Greetings, Thanks for your interest in my car. The car is still
    available and in
    excellent condition. I’m from France. I lived and
    worked in South
    Africa for one year as Medical assistant for the Red
    Cross International but presently; I’m in republic of Togo
    for a new job.
    I bought the car in Johannesburg, South Africa, the
    car is still
    registered in South Africa. The given price R58,000
    is a Give away price because since i brought the car here i can’t
    use it due to the
    fact that the constitution here does not allow the
    Right Hand Drive
    cars. I’m not sure of coming back to South Africa
    and the car will be useless if i couldn’t get somebody who can ship the
    car back to South
    Africa and take good care of it.
    If you are interested, I can find a transport
    company here to
    transport the car back to South Africa for you. The transport cost
    will be deducted from the R58,000(price on the
    ad). The Details of the car are as below: Model Year: 2012
    Previous Owners:1
    Type: Pick-up
    Make: Toyota
    Model: Hilux
    Transmission: Manual Primary fuel Type: Diesel
    Colour: Blue
    Engine size: 3,000
    Axles: 2
    Mileage: 25,832 Km
    Interior/Comfort Options: Air Conditioning, Climate Control, Cruise Control,
    Power-assisted Steering
    (PAS), Power Windows
    Safety Features: 4-Wheel Drive, ABS, Alarm, Disc
    Brakes, Driver Airbag,
    Electr. Stability Program, Immobiliser, Side Airbags Exterior
    In-Car Entertainment Options:
    AM/FM Stereo, CD Player I await your response. Regards, Mr.Lombard

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