Useful Tips for Pet Buyers and Sellers Using Classifieds

The Pets section is one of the most popular ones on the Junk Mail website and in the Junk Mail publications.

This post contains useful tips for Pet Buyers and Sellers using classifieds. These tips will help users identify potential puppy / kitten mills and farms.

Tips for People Buying Pets:

  1. Do not meet sellers at a shopping centre or street corners. Go to their home / breeding facility and insist on seeing their living conditions and the parents of the puppy / kitten. If they refuse, they are probably operating a puppy / kitten farm or mill.
  2. Puppy and Kitten mills do not want the public to see their facility and prefer doing business elsewhere. You stand a good chance of buying a pet that will develop behaviour problems due to improper socialisation at the most influential age.
  3. If a seller is advertising many different breeds, investigate further.
  4. Do not buy unvaccinated pets. Vaccination cards must be supplied and signed by a vet. It will cost you more to vaccinate your new pet than what you will save on the price of the puppy/kitten and you will put your other pets at risk.
  5. Any dog younger than two years should not have a docked tail or cropped ears, as this is now illegal and you will be supporting an unscrupulous breeder who does this without the support of a vet.

Tips for People Selling / Giving Away Pets:

  1. Puppy / kitten mill or farm operators are always on the lookout for new “breeding stock” and will either want animals for free or as inexpensive as possible.
  2. They will target people wanting to give their animals away to a good home with tall stories of how they want the pet as a part of the family.
  3. They will not be interested in pets that have been sterilised, so make sure the animal that you want to go to a good home gets sterilised first (over six months old), male or female!
  4. Get as much information as possible, ID’s, car registration, address where the animal will be kept etc.
  5. Offer to take the animal to their home so that you can see if their property is walled adequately and that the premises looks okay.

The Junk Mail Team would like to thank Wetnose Animal Rescue for these useful tips. Should you encounter one of these breeders, please notify us via email: or via phone on 012-3423840 x2295.

If you’ve found these tips useful, please share this post with your friends. If you have another useful tip that could be helpful for Junk Mail users, please comment on this post.

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