Beware of fraudsters abusing Vacation Club accommodation!

Sun City Vacation Club has always been very popular with South Africans and bookings are subsequently available for resale on various classifieds websites.Scam Alert - Be Careful

Unfortunately, this was realised by scammers and they are taking advantage of classifieds sites giving advertisers a platform to advertise goods for sale and unsuspecting buyers.

With this in mind, Sun International issued a warning to consumers ‘to be aware of a scam involving fraudsters offering accommodation at its Vacation Club at Sun City’.

Group General Manager of Brand and Communications, Michael Farr, said: ‘We’re asking that members of the public accessing sites … be mindful of several scam offers we have seen on the sites’.

The warning also requested Vacation Club Members to not make the details of their membership and reservation public.

The sellers of these Vacation Club Units make use of the names Mohammed Omar (Perfect Getaways) and Ridwan Cassim (Summer Vacations or GMX Agency). Please note they could be using different details as well.

Sun International further requests that any person who might have been  a victim of this fraud should open a case with the SAPS immediately and obtain a case number. Once this has been done, a detailed e-mail should be sent to Sun International with the case number. The email address to send it to is

If you feel you have seen a similar ad that might be fraudulent, please let our Scam Buster know by sending a detailed e-mail to:

Let’s work together to rid of these fraudsters.



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