Watch out for AFCON 2013 Scams!

AFCON 2013The 2013 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament starts on the 19th of January. Football matches will be played in Johannesburg, Rustenburg, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit and Durban.

Scammers are attempting to defraud South Africans out of their hard earned cash. South Africans should be wary of scams linked to the upcoming AFCON 2013 tournament. A warning was issued by the South African Trade and Industry Department (DTI) recently about ticket scams.

These ticket scams may typically relate to ticket sales, the offering of hospitality packages or provision of affordable accommodation during the AFCON 2013 tournament.  The Trade and Industry department said that consumers sometimes could not tell the difference between valid and accredited ticket suppliers versus fake suppliers and often pay large amounts of money for fake tickets. The department reminded the public that valid match tickets can only be acquired from approved service providers. Consumers are warned not to purchase match tickets from sources that are not accredited by AFCON 2013.

EQ Tickets was appointed the exclusive ticket provider for AFCON, in conjunction with Spar stores. Tickets should only be acquired via the EQ Tickets website, kiosks or call centres, plus Spar and Super Spar stores. The tickets contain advanced and extensive security features to ensure authenticity and to avert counterfeits.

The DTI has asked the public to blow the whistle if they come across any scams. Complaints can be lodged with the National Consumer Commission (NCCSA).

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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41 Responses

  1. Bianca says:

    Warning to all cell phone users. I got and sms for this nr. 0817487019 and told me that I won R450 000.00 in the Afcon 2013 promo and to contact Dr Anderson on 0736743656 to claim. I phoned but from my land line. He insisted i call from my cell phone. Well told him that I could not and he dropped the phone.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for sharing your story with our users Bianca

    • Herman says:

      EVERYBODY please take note I have just received a SMS from +27714481548 saying
      This is without a doubt another scam and I did not even bother phoning.

    • John Haycox says:

      I just got an sms like that telling me that I have won R960 000.00 and to call Steve Adams at 073 037 9299 ref M526UK

  2. Leon Cronje says:

    I got and sms from 079 691 9631 informing me that I won R450 000.00 in the Afcon 2013 promo and to contact 073207 6711 to claim the prize. I called the number from my land line. The person (FRANK) insisted I call from my cell phone or give him my number. I told him that he should have my number seeing that they sent an SMS to it. I refused to give my cell number and he dropped the phone.

  3. Malcolm Green says:

    I received this sms
    Your Cell Phone Number has won R950,000 in the just concluded 2013 ORANGE AFCON MOBILE PROMO with Ref No:*****.Call Claims Department on 0817763500.
    I did so and was sent this reply
    CONGRATULATIONS a successful cheque registration has been made with your NAME: M.J M GREEN, Our international transfer unit in HSBC BANK UK,LONDON has made a transfer of R 950,000.00 to your ABSA BANK ACCOUNT:9233385155 in South Africa.Unfortunately the account was placed on hold because you are to pay a COST OF TRANSFER (C.O.T) FEE of R3,850 and it has to be paid before your ABSA BANK ACCOUNT can be credited within 45min upon confirmation of the payment. kindly contact the account officer Mr.Danny Coleman on:0734722739, For your transfer code number (****) and how to make the payment. THANK YOU.

  4. N.sobetwa says:

    I receive this sms on 25 August 2013
    your cell phone number has won R950,000.00 in the just concluded 2013 orange afcon mobile promo with refe:AFS857SA call claim department on 0611740553 now.and i call them then said im coming to Port elizabeth and fetch my cheque and if i could not come can send my account no. I said i dont have any bank account so i need help.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for your comment. This is most likely a scam. Don’t respond to any further SMS messages that you receive

  5. Maria says:

    I received this SMS on the 30 August 2013

    Congratulations!!! Your Cell Phone Number has won R950,000 in FIFA/AFCON 2013 tournament, REF NO ####.
    Call your agent Dr. Terry Bruce on 0734494275.

    I have not replied, cause the first thing I did was to Google of any promos that FIFA was offering and I came across of this website…

    Please be vigilant as no one will give you money for no reason!! lol

  6. Annelize says:

    Please post these scam numbers on one of these sites for others to find…

  7. theresa says:

    i got a message winning 950 000 and to phone 0812959200, i also did not bother to phone as i know its a scam

  8. Stephanie says:

    I received a sms at 5 this morning from 0824764643, “your phone number has won R950 000.00 in the 2013 Orange Mobile AFCON PRomo with REf no: ****, Call Claim Department on 0812070778 from 7am to 5pm.

    If only I had all the money my phone supposedly won over the last 4 months I would retire on a small Island and call it “SCAM”

  9. Mzwandile says:

    I also received an sms saying I won R950 000. I sent the number an sms saying Jou ma se p**s

  10. Godfrey says:

    These guys must think we are fools. I received an sms too saying I have won R950 000 from +27794856277 and was asked to call the department 0817057659. I wished I could laugh in the persons face.

  11. rob smith says:

    recieved the following: Your cell phone number has won R950,000.00in the 2013 orange afcon mobile promo with ref no: af231sa. call claim department on 0812070778 from 7am -5pm

  12. Griszelda Koopman says:

    Hi guys,,
    i also received the same sms,R1mil richer,wow im over the moon with joy.
    I called the number and a lady by the name of Jennifer said I must go 170 Beach Road, Strand (in CPT mind you), Topaz Building, floor 15 office 700, to claim my cheque within 48hrs.Really, I live in JHB. Peeps please dont fall for these sick scams, we all work very hard for money so please be careful what you agree to.

  13. Good quality and customer service.

  14. jean marie says:

    Hey there i just want to say i also got a sms this week saying that a won R950000.00 form fifa/afcon promo. Didnt even bother to phone. I wish these people can just stop getting everybodies hopes up with these scams….they are sick and there day would came.{elke hond kry sy dag}………

  15. Annette says:

    Thank you for staying MOBILE! You have won R450.000 in 2014 EXXON MOBILE/AFCON PROMOTION; Ref no. *****. Contact us on 0814*3372* for activation & cash claim.
    Is this also a scam ?

  16. belinda says:

    hi i received an sms today “congratulations your mobile number has won R950,000 in 2013 africa cup of nations competition promo. refXXX. for claims call agent bruce gordon 0760838848. didnt bother to call as i probably received about 5 of these last year.

    • roaeanne says:

      belinda he did the same to me. Wanted me to dep R19k into a nedbank account. his using another cell number now 0765574348

  17. Rhoda says:

    Yesterday I received the following sms: “Thank you for Staying MOBILE! You have won R450 000 in 2013 EXXONMOBIL/AFCON PROMO; Ref no. 100bbm. Please contact us on 0814333729 for activation & cash claim. The phone number the sms was sent from is 0723263466.

  18. Hettie says:

    I receive i sms today it says our cell number won R1 million in the just concluded 2014 orange afcon mobile prmo with ref no AF587SA call claims dept 0614273328 now. This sms was sent from 071 159 7930

  19. zee says:

    I received an sms yesterday saying l won R950000 on orange afcon blah blah, from 0614119553 and to call 0812959200 for claims. I decided to call and hear what they would say., l was told to send my banking details to and make sure l write correct names hehehe. His name is Derick Martins he shall send me my certificate from London after he gets my banking details lol. I saw his numbers on already from another victim so guys beware!!, u can’t win without entering a competition!!

  20. Susan says:

    And this afcon saga goes on – just got sms from no 081 772 7975 saying I won R950 000 in the AFCON competition and to contact Bruce Gordon on 076 5574348 to claim!

  21. kyle says:

    Well I just got. “You have been rewarded with R950.000.00 in AFCON and your cell number was attached. Ref-ANC3, call agent Bruce Gordon on 0765574348,for procedure.” From “+27604804696” –

  22. corleone says:

    Hi,I received an SMS on my cell on 05/01/2015 advising me that I’ve rewarded 1.5 million from Afcon with M526UK,call Steve Adams 084-493-8547 for claims 7AM -5PM.
    I called but then call got cut off.

  23. Shaun says:

    Steve Adams informed me that I have won 1.5million from afcon 2015. Wants me to SMS my name, cell no’ and physical address including province in order to obtain my hand delivered cheque within 48hrs. What can they do with this info?

    • Hi Shaun. Scammers have various ways of getting more information from the little people provide them with. They can, however, threaten your life if they have your physical address and steal your identity.

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