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Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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  1. Melissa says:

    http://southafricanrecruite.wix.com/recruiters this is a scam / pyramid scam. If you want the emails correspondance between me and the person of this so called bussiness please feel free contact me and will gladly forward you this information.When you are running a bussiness you have to have a telephone number , registration number or VAT number and a business address. This person can not provide me with this and is asking for R500 from me so that I can start working from home.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Melissa – Thanks for your feedback. Please note that most work from home opportunities are illegal in South Africa. Please forward our Customer Care department via ccc@junkmail.co.za

    • Landi says:

      Hi! Please forward emails to me. I found their ad on a website whilst looking for job opportunities. I picked up on his “website” that something was not on, and then by the fact that his banking details consist of a savings acc (not even registered under a business name, but just plain “Mr Phiri”.

  2. Hi Landi. As you know, Employment Link started an anti scam campaign a year and a half ago, aimed at rooting out these individuals. If you could send me all the details, we would be gald to investigate this together with teh department of labour and the SAPS. They work with us and have given our efforts their support. Thank you kindly.

  3. Linda says:

    Hi, I have read all the responses of this maybe being a scam, is there anyone out there who have tried paying the R500 and seen some income? I’m too scared to throw money away and would like to know if really is a scam or not?

  4. Whitney Turner says:

    Thank you for this. I recently came across the same ad and have been looking for reports of suspected scam, and now my suspicions have been confirmed! #takethemdown

  5. Marina says:

    Also thought it was a good opportunity,alarm bells ringing!

    See correspondence below:

    This is an Independent opportunity to work from home, doing basic E-mail processing, data entry and form filling work as well as general admin tasks and advertising.
     Remuneration varies between R2, 500 and R4, 500.00 per week.
    There are no contracts, as you can quit whenever you want to, everything is covered in the training material, including is how payments work, a step by step instruction and samples of the work.
    The R500 covers the training material admin fees and registration.
    You can visit the website and see success stories, if however you still feel insecure then please do not continue.
    This is no scam and you will receive your Training Manual via email as soon as the payment reflects.
    That I promise you. This is really an opportunity not to be missed.
    Please let me know if you would like to continue.
    In failure to make payment in a set period of time your application will be deleted therefore you can’t deposit later, you have to reapply and get a new reference no. because we urgently need a PA and cannot wait more than 5 days for you to deposit the money and start working, and also remember that many people are looking for a job so we cannot simply rely on a person for more than 5 days. All applications will expire after 5 days from the sent date. Do you wish to receive the application forms and proceed with the payment for the training manual?

    And we are different companies just under the same field of work.

    On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 9:34 AM, wrote:
    Good day Mr Mangane

    I applied for the above mentioned post to 3 different email adresses, viz, South African work @ home, South African Logistics and South African Recruiters.

    I note that all responses were worded exactly the same, Is this all the same company?

    I am very keen as I am unemployed at present. The R500 payment up front: I have been scammed in the past by sending monies and not hearing from the company thereafter. What guarantees do you have in place that this is legitimate? Where are you based? Do you have a website? You can understand my concerns as there are loads of people being conned into parting with their monies.

    I would appreciate your responses as I am very keen.

    Thanks and regards

  6. Annalize says:

    I was send the info please can anybody tell me if this is a scam

  7. Carrie-Anne says:


    I have seen this work from home opportunity with SA Logistics. They want R500 before they send me any training info – the bank account number that they gave me was incorrect and while waiting for conformation of new account number i was doing research and found all this – so it is a scam and i must not proceed?

    Thanks, Carrie

  8. Nardus says:

    Hi Henno. Hier die die details rakende die werksaanbod. I have been in email correspondence with this individual since this morning and she is unable to supply me with any evidence that her company exists.

  9. Mpho says:

    I have also been in correspondence with these people and they fail to prove that they are a legitimate company. When I requested that they send me proof that they are a legitimate company, part of the response was “I promise you will make money”. Hahaha! I Replied to that and said if I should take his word and believe his promise, then he must take my word and believe my promise that after I have received their training manuals I will work and they can take the R500 from my first pay. Why should my promise be worth R500 while his is worth nothing?

    This really looks like a scam!

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