Wet Nose Animal Rescue – Homeless Animal Day

The Wet Nose Animal Rescue is an animal shelter that rescues and re-homes abandoned, abused and neglected animals. Their organisation aims the “Right to Life”, which basically means that no animal is put to sleep unless the animal is sickly and severely suffering and cannot be revived.


They love and take care of animals irrespective of how long it takes to find them a good home. To ensure the dogs have a good quality life and stay healthy, they are walked daily and even taken for exercise runs.

They have beautiful catteries for the cats to live in, and they are spoiled and loved with a lot of toys and whatever their heart desires.

We have a team of well trained staff that nurture, love and care for the animals. Our staff treats all animals with respect and dignity as they have a true passion for animals. “We believe that every animal deserves a second chance to love and be loved, which is why we fight for them, laugh and cry with them, and try to make sure that the joy outweighs the heartache.”

The Wet nose Animal Rescue Centre will be hosting their Homeless Animal Day this weekend, 27 September 2014 in conjunction with their 15th birthday celebrations.


The day promises to be fun with a 1.6km Bush Dog Walk, Dog Shows, a Doggy Pageant, Rehabilitation Awards, Flea Market and Food Stalls and even a Beer Tent and a Big Screen TV for the Rugby.

You may take your own, well socialised dog with for a walk or take one of the homeless doggies for one.

This day will be held at the Wet Nose Premises. The entrance fee is only R20 for adults and free for kids under the age of 12.

Junk Mail urges everyone to support this day, not only to have fun, but also to enable Wet nose to continue with their great work.

To help the Wet Nose Rescue Organisation, you can find bargain pet accessories for sale on Junk Mail and donate it to them.

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