Wet Nose Homeless Animal Day 2013 coming soon

This year’s edition of the Wet Nose Homeless Animal Day will be held on Saturday the 28th of September 2013. It’s an ideal day for pet lovers to show their support for one of Gauteng’s top “right to Life” registered animal rehabilitation shelters. Last year’s event was a lot of fun and a huge success, so you should try not to miss out on this one.

Wet Nose cares for neglected and abused animals. They are a pro-life organization and have a no-kill policy for animals that they take into their care. Every animal is loved for and cared by them until a loving home is found for them (no matter how long it takes). The dogs at Wet Nose are walked daily and taken to exercise runs, so they have an improved quality of life and get enough exercise during their stay. The cats live in beautiful catteries and they are spoiled with love and toys and anything their hearts desire. Every member of the Wet Nose staff has a true passion for animals, none of them think of it as “just another job”.

Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre

Like many animal shelters and non-profit organizations out there Wet Nose doesn’t receive any government or municipal funding and mostly rely on donations from the public and they need all the help they can get: their operating costs exceed R200,000 a month. If you’re looking for pet you can do your part to support Wet Nose by adopting a pet for a nominal fee. Should you decide to do this, take note that certain terms and conditions apply.

This year’s Wet Nose Homeless Animal Day will be held at their premises at Plot 75, Vaalbank (near Cullinan). Pet lovers are invited to bring their leashed doggies to mingle and socialize with their furry friends at Wet Nose. The organizers are planning a 1.6 km bush walk, so make sure that you put on your trainers. It’s the ideal opportunity to walk your best friend and enjoy some fresh air and great company.

If you don’t own a dog you are more than welcome to care for one of the homeless Wet Nose dogs for the day. You might just love them so much that you could end up taking them home with you, who knows? There will also be delicious foods and treats at the food stalls for the hungry and a beer tent offering cold beverages for the thirsty. And don’t forget about the Wet Nose dog show featuring some of their shelter dogs and plenty of kids entertainment that will be on offer. For more information about Wet Nose Homeless Animal Day, check out the Wet Nose website, join the Wet Nose Facebook page or follow @WetNoseARC on Twitter.

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