What Happens in an Internet Minute?

We live in the digital age. Everything happens faster than it did before the arrival of the internet. At one point in time you may have asked yourself the following question: “What Happens in an Internet Minute?”.

There are 1440 minutes in a day and a lot can happen in a minute. Fact is, you can do a lot more in a minute now compared to what you could do in a minute in the 1980’s. Nowadays you receive an Inbox message on your Facebook account, a mention on Twitter or an e-mail (if you’re still pretty old school). You can chat to your friends on Facebook chat or on Whatsapp while you’re on the move. You can settle an argument by Googling a topic on your phone. Back in the old days you still had to send people snail mail, you got a very nasty look from your parents because you spent 30 minutes on a long distance call and ran up the phone bill and you had to look up information in an actual encyclopedia. The world really is a lot more connected and information really is more widely accessible these days.

The smart folks at Knowledge of Today posted an infographic on their Facebook page to give people an answer to the the question “What Happens in an Internet Minute?”. These folks used this image to promote the Internet Rising documentary (which is about an hour long and can be viewed on YouTube).

Internet Minute

Internet Rising is a labor of love comprising of a rapid fire mashup stream of live webcam interviews all conducted within the web sphere. The film’s participants include many profound personalities and key internet influencers. The film features input from professors, academics, futurists, researchers, writers, bloggers, media creators, activists, gamers, educators, scientists, artists and innovators (all real humans). They provide some amazing insights.

Which one of these “What Happens in an Internet Minute?” facts pointed out in this infographic do you find the most interesting? Leave a comment and let us know what you think. We’d like to hear your thoughts about this topic.

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