What is your adventure this Spring?

It is always exciting to go on an adventure and explore nature. But how do you enjoy the outdoors without the right camping gear? If you are looking for an adventure for this coming Spring season, we can guide you in the right direction.

Camping or hiking is absolute fun. You can do it with family, friends or even colleagues. It is not only to explore your surroundings but also a chance to explore your inner self. However, you can’t just simply go out into the wilderness, you need the right and best gear for this adventure.

Camping can plainly be defined as an activity whereby one lives in a tent in the outdoors. So from that definition, we already know that the first thing you will need is a tent. Depending on your sleeping arrangements, there are different types of tents and they all come in different sizes: A- Frame tents, Hoop Tents, Pyramid Tents and Dome Tents.

A-Frame Tents:


Hoop Tents:


Pyramid Tents:


Dome Tents:


Now that you have your tent sorted, you need other things to make camping and hiking an enjoyable experience.

Along with the tent, you will need a sleeping bag. Although it would be nice to stay up the whole night, but part of camping is sleeping in the wilderness. Ensure you get the warmest sleeping bag, because whether it is Spring or Winter, it can get a bit chilly at night.


You can also get sleeping bags in different sizes and shapes for either one or more people.

You will also need a jacket, preferably one that is warm, but also great for a rainy season.


Footwear is also very important for camping and hiking. You will need proper hiking footwear, or running shoes with a great rubber to protect you from the rocks you might encounter on your journey.


Ensure that it is nothing heavy, especially if you will spend most of the adventure walking.

Furthermore, you will need a GPS system, camp cooking pots, a backpack, and clean water in bottles, warm clothes and most importantly, a first aid kit.


It is always nice to have fun but also be prepared for the unexpected, that is why it is called an adventure.

South Africa has a range of camping sites you can visit. There are many in the Northern Cape and the Western Cape, such as Potjiespram, De Hoop, Richtersberg in Richtersveld Transfrontier Park located right on the Namibian border or Plettenberg Forever Resorts in Plettenberg Bay. Visit Gateway.co.za for campsites in South Africa.

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