What to do during your staycation

Planning your staycation? We have some exciting ideas for you! The good news is that you can enjoy a fun and relaxing holiday at home without spending a fortune. Not only is a staycation easy on your pocket, but you’ll also avoid the crowds of people that head to popular destinations during the festive period. Browse through our leisure or community and events categories on Junk Mail to find exciting opportunities.  

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How to plan your staycation 

To have the best possible staycation, take some time to plan ahead. Start by checking your finances so that you know how much you have to spend. Next, decide on what activities you want to take part in and how much each one costs. A properly planned budget ensures that you can fit in as many fun outings as possible. Look out for deals, and coupons make your money go further. 

Why you should consider a staycation 

A staycation is an opportunity to relax in the comfort of your own home while enjoying quality time with your family. You can avoid getting into debt over the festive season while still having fun. Prices skyrocket over the festive season, making accommodation and flights unaffordable for many South Africans. Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also be avoiding the crowds of people that flock to popular tourist destinations. All the preparation, packing, and travelling that goes along with holidays can also be stressful, especially if you have kids. 

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6 staycation ideas: 

1. Explore your town 

Pretend that you’re a visitor in your own town and explore all the attractions that you’ve been meaning to visit since you moved there. We often take the sites in our own town for granted as soon as we’ve settled in. 

2. Go for a picnic 

A picnic is a fun day out for your whole family. Pack some delicious food, blankets, and refreshments before heading to a nearby park. Sporting equipment can make a great addition to your picnic. Other popular entertainment options include books and board games. Not only will you have fun outdoors, but you’ll also be spending quality time with your loved ones. 

3. Disconnect 

If you want to truly relax during your staycation, take a break from technology. Log out of your social media accounts and turn off the TV. Put your smartphone away and only use it when it’s completely necessary. While it may feel uncomfortable at first, you’ll be amazed at how relaxed you start to feel when there are no disruptions. 

4. Look for free events 

Free events are common in most towns, you just have to look out for them. You may find free community yoga in the park or a day of complimentary access to a nearby museum. You can also visit Christmas markets. Make the most of these opportunities for your family to have new experiences without spending a fortune. 

5. Movie night 

Make popcorn and enjoy a movie night in the comfort of your own home. You can even get comfy in your favourite pyjamas before you cuddle up on the couch. There are plenty of movies available on streaming services or you could borrow some DVDs. 

6. Go hiking 

Go for a hike and explore nature in the area that surrounds your town. Search online for popular trails in your area. Check the difficulty level of the route that you plan to take before you set off. There are plenty of short walks that are suitable for children if you want to take your family with you. 

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Now that you’re feeling inspired, you can plan an exciting staycation for you and your loved ones. Sit back and relax this festive season without the stress of planning a trip away. Browse through our leisure and events sections on Junk Mail for more staycation ideas.  

What to do during your staycation
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