What to do when a tremor hits Gauteng

A little more than ten hours ago, a tremor has struck the surroundings of Gauteng. Resources say that the tremor lasted about ten seconds. Social networks like Twitter were up and about when this happened and this is what some of them had to say:


Clearly there was a lot of panic as people don’t quite know what to do in a situation like this. So here are some tips for when a tremor hits Gauteng again, or any other part of the country for that matter:

Buy a flashlight

When a tremor hits at night, things could get darker than it already is. With al the recent power failures, you can be sure of nature’s load shedding. In times like these you will need some proper gear like this LED flashlight. It is super bright!

Connect your house to a generator

With fuel prices these days, generators have become luxuries, but what else can you do if you are constantly without power after a tremor hits Gauteng? On Junk Mail, there are hundreds of generators for sale. Why not head over there and see how you can shine some light on this situation.

Get a first aid kit

Should things get really serious, you must think of safety first. Hook yourself up with a first aid kit so that you can treat wounds (should there be any). Here is a company that sells first aid kits at bargain prices. Why not give them a call?

There you go! Three quick and easy ways to brace yourself when a tremor hits Gauteng.

Were you in an area where you could feel the tremor? Tell us if you were by leaving a comment below.

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