What to look for when viewing houses for sale in Pretoria

Choosing a suitable property can be a daunting task for first time buyers. There is plenty of useful advice available to help people find their dream home. Prospective buyers should consider their personal needs, legal issues as well as the condition of the property when viewing houses for sale.

What to look for when viewing houses for sale:

The roof should be checked for leaks as this can be a costly problem to fix. Good electrics and plumbing are also essential to prevent future hassles. The fuse board is a good indicator of the condition of the house’s electrics. An old fuse board may indicate electrical problems.


In order to choose the right property for sale it is important to check that the house is structurally sound. This can be determined professionally by a surveyor. Cracks in the walls are an indication of structural problems. Damp can become a serious issue for home owners and this predicament can be avoided by looking for tell-tale signs such as mould, watermarks or peeling plaster.


Home owners must assess their personal needs and wants when they are choosing a suitable property. Rooms should be big enough to accommodate their furniture and it is also important to check that there is sufficient storage space. The buyer’s lifestyle needs to be taken into account and, if they enjoy hosting parties, an entertainment or braai area would be an additional asset.


Legal issues that prospective house owners should consider include checking for development plans which could decrease the value of the property, such as roads or airports. Zoning policies could also affect the property and buyers must check that the house has been built according to approved plans. If the house has been inherited legal problems, it can be avoided by ensuring that all the heirs have granted permission to sell.


The location of the house will influence a buyer’s decision and there are several factors that need to be considered in this regard. The privacy of the house may be affected if the neighbour’s windows face towards the house. The neighbourhood’s noise levels should be assessed and this can be influenced by traffic or nearby bars.


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