What you need to survive the 947 Cycle Challenge

Thousands of cyclists will be preparing for this year’s 947 Cycle Challenge brought to you by Telkom. It is intended to push the cyclist to their limits in this fun, but challenging event. In preparation for the event, have a look at the bicycles for sale on Junk Mail at bargain prices.

What is the 947 Cycle Challenge?

The Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge is the cycling race of a lifetime. On this day, thousands of cyclists, hundreds of hours spent training, and liters of sweat culminate in one of the most anticipated biking races on the continent, and the second largest timed cycling event in the Southern Hemisphere.

The 947 Cycle Challenge is named after the 94.7 kilometers its participants will ride across Johannesburg’s less seen terrain. The 947 Cycle Challenge takes you on a scenic route starting at Riversands Commercial Park in Fourways.

The 1488 m elevation takes you to noteworthy locations such as through the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit track, which is usually a private venue that would normally never allow cyclists, along the M1 highway. That will be closed down for a smooth ride across this arterial highway, across the famous Nelson Mandela Bridge and the Steyn City Estate.

The mountains and beautiful views will keep you motivated before you cross the finish line of the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge victoriously.

The Cycling Challenge is a tough race – amateurs and professionals will share the road but not everyone will finish. Despite the grueling nature of this race, the organisers of the 947 Cycle Challenge have designed the course to include fun stops for you to shed your bike gear for a nice break and plenty of comradery along the way.

You can look forward to being cheered on the whole way by eager Joburg residents lining the route. Many of them look forward to the Telkom 947 Challenge every year. When riding through the suburbs, enjoy a stop at some of the brunch spots along the way where beer and braais are plentiful.

telkom 947 cycle challenge

Many riders try to make the most of the 947 Cycle Challenge by dressing up in crazy outfits over their bike gear, and there are dancers and musicians on the route too. As always, the organisers of the challenge prioritise the safety of you and your 30 000 fellow riders.

There are plenty of well-staffed water points for hydration as well as a medical team with physiotherapists and mechanics to take care of both you and your bike so you make it across the finish line in one piece.

The 21st 2017 Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge will begin on Sunday 19 November. Enter the Cycle Challenge online at www.cyclechallenge.co.za no later than 31 August 2017 and pay an entry fee of R475. The minimum age to participate in the 947 Cycle Challenge is 12 but there is a kiddie race on Saturday, 11 November for your eager budding cyclists.

What you will need to survive the 947 Cycle Challenge

Even if you think that you have the skills, drive, and motivation to face the taxing 94.7 kilometers of the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge, even the best cyclist can’t be a champion without his or her bike gear. Let’s take a look at all of the bike gear available for you to buy whether it be protective gear, second hand bicycles, or fancy shoes and gloves for some extra flair on the road.


Having a good, reliable bicycle is essential to successfully complete a race without issues. Whether you are looking for new bicycles for sale or second hand bicycles, finding the right one for your needs is a necessary step in your race preparation. A new bicycle is shiny, smooth, and feels great to ride but can really hurt your pockets.


Image Source: Cycle Challenge Website.

A new bicycle can range from R800 to R20,000. Also keep in mind the type of bike that you need. There are mountain bikes, road bikes, and bicycles made specifically for women. For the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge, you will want a road bike for the smoothest ride although all traditional bikes are allowed on the course.

Some road bicycles for sale are built with a lightweight frame for optimal aerodynamics and stability. These types of bikes may be perfect for you to try and conquer the 947 Cycle Challenge. For second hand bicycles, make sure that all of the original fixtures are fully functioning. Even if it isn’t the right size for you, you should still be able to adjust any second hand bicycle to fit your height and needs.

If you are finding second hand bicycles that require repairs, such as new tyres or cranks, you will have to consider if the price of the repairs is worth it. Either way, you may want to take any second hand bicycles to be serviced so that your bike is ready to go on race day.

Helmets and other protective gear

Protective gear, especially bike helmets, are a must for your training and racing needs. Helmets are required for the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge. Bike helmets can be purchased for anything from R50 to R4300 depending on the type.

Bike helmets, although not always the most stylish, will protect you from a brain injury and can even save your life. Helmet technology has drastically improved in the last decade to give you options for bike helmets that are thinner but more effective.

Other protective bike gear includes gloves and body armour. Bike gloves keep your hands warm and protected from any potential skin damage if you may fall. Protective bike gear such as body armour helps to protect specific parts of your body such as elbow guards and knee guards and even vests or jackets to protect you from a high speed fall.

Water bottles

One of the convenient things about bikes is that you can carry your water bottle with you on the bike itself. Water bottle cages and hydropods are some of the cooler types of bike gear available. Although there are plenty of water points along the 947 Cycle Challenge route, sometimes you’re just too into your race to stop. Having a water bottle with you at all times gives you more control over your race.


Choosing your race day outfit is almost as important as the race itself. Make sure you come to the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge feeling good with a Lycra, spandex or other form fitting jersey to increase your aerodynamics. Bike shorts should have a padded liner to make sure that your ride doesn’t become painful.

Shoes and Socks

Shoes are also an important part of your bike gear. The bike shoe that you need depends on the type of pedals you have. If you have clipless pedals try to find shoes that work with the spikes on the pedal. Road bikes typically work well with light shoes with a smooth sole. Bike socks also serve as either sweat wicking or for warmth. They can protect your feet from blisters too.

telkom 947

Image Source: Cycle Challenge Website.


You will have 6 hours to complete the 94.7 km of the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge and if you don’t finish in even half that time, you’ll probably get hungry along the way. You can carry nutrition bars with you such as protein and energy bars, shakes, and power gels. You can always stop along the way for a bite but if you’re there to race, a quick bar may be your best bet.

Don’t forget to sign up for the 2017 947 Cycle Challenge. Find yourself amongst people that are serious about cycling and look the part with bike gear and bicycles for sale on Junk Mail.

What you need to survive the 947 Cycle Challenge
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What you need to survive the 947 Cycle Challenge
The 947 Cycle Challenge is named after the 94.7 kilometers its participants will ride across Johannesburg’s less seen terrain.
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