What you should know before installing your own Jacuzzi

The use of spa baths has been an enjoyable experience for the human race for over centuries now.

People have been going to beauty spas for relaxation and beauty purposes for years. Now, they are slowly drifting away from the beauty spa experience and waltzing into the idea of having their own private Jacuzzi and hot tub.


Having a spa bath in your own home has become a must-have.

But even with all these modern facilities, what do we really know about spa baths a.k.a Jacuzzi’s and hot tubs? Do they really make one feel relaxed or is this a placebo effect that we have programmed ourselves to believe in?

This Blog will give you a few facts and myths about spa baths…


Let’s start with the most obvious, the name ‘Jacuzzi’. The name was not coined by some scientist; it was merely the surname of four brothers who worked in the manufacturing business. They manufactured pumps and propellers.

Then one day, one brother created a bathtub pump for his son who was suffering from a chronic pain caused by arthritis. The bathtub pump was installed in the home to treat the boy, and it was discovered that hot tubs can treat Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Now, years later, Jacuzzi’s do not only help people with arthritis, but they also help us relax after a long day of exhaustion. Jacuzzi’s, Hot tubs, spa baths, whatever you choose to call them, are some of the best things created for human peace and relaxation.


Now for some quick myths:

  1. Using a spa bath is very expensive: Depending on the type of Jacuzzi you buy – high or lesser quality hot tubs. Buying lesser quality can be your best chance at saving on electricity, but make sure that it is still safe for you and your family.
  2. Hot Tubs are not necessarily sanitary, they are worse than pools: Research shows that Jacuzzi’s are definitely more sanitary than pools. And this is because of the filtration system which is not as small as a pool’s and actually takes in more water.
  3. Using a lot more horsepower is good for you: No! This is not good because you will be spending a lot more on electricity.
  4. Owning a Jacuzzi requires a lot of maintenance: Just like number two, Jacuzzi’s are far easier to maintain unlike pools because 1) they are always covered when they are not being used 2) You will never get any rain water inside unlike a pool. So it’s definitely the better option.

So here you go, a few facts and myths when deciding to install a spa bath in your home.

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