Where to buy good CNC milling machines in Gauteng


Milling machines are tools used to shape solid products like wood and metal. They are mostly used in the metalwork industry and their purpose is to cut something and turn it into a whole new product.

Milling machines come in handy for slot cutting, threading, rabbeting, routing, planning and drilling. For instance, the manufacturing of a washing machine. Because a washing machine has many parts that have to be built, a Milling machine is used to cut and produce these materials.

Without the use of Milling Machines, a lot of things would not be made, like tables and chairs. The use of the Milling machine ensures that materials that are cut are identical and fit to specifications as laid out by the designer.

Using a Milling Machine is not simple, one requires a form of training to do this job. Automotive Industry Development Centre and Technikon Pretoria offer a course on a full time and part time basis for anyone in the automotive industry.

During this course you will be taught on the ways to operate the CNC Milling Machine. You can contact the Technikon for more details on this course.

Where can you find CNC Milling Machines?



The first place you can search for Milling Machines is online. This option gives you access to affordable and the simplest way to purchase a Milling Machine. For a big machine like this, you will spend a lot of time traveling around trying to find one that is affordable and in a good condition.

Instead of spending too much time on the road you can make use of the internet and search online for a good CNC Milling Machine.

However, another option is to buy the CNC Milling Machine from the factories where they are manufactured. This option can be very expensive and some of the Milling Machine factories are not located in the Gauteng area so you have to spend more money trying to get the Milling Machine transported.

There are different types of Milling Machines and they are differentiated in terms of work piece as well as their degree of motion.

Some include:


Knee Type: Used vertically and requires the support of the knee. The knee is used to support a saddle.


Universal Horizontal Milling Machine: Just as its name states, this Milling Machine is universal and differs from any ordinary horizontal type of milling machine. It has a swivel housing which allows the machines to move in 45 degrees when used.


Swivel Cutter Head Ram- Type Milling: This type of machine has the ability to rotate vertically and horizontally. And the worktable moves allowing you easy movement when using the machine.

For good CNC Milling Machines visit the Junk Mail website for CNC Machines for sale.

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  1. HANNO SMIT says:

    We have a CNC machine (turning) that is about a year old that we want to sell. It is in excellent condition and it is a HAAS. We can give contact details for Finance. The machine can be viewed at any time. The reason we want to sell the machine is that we do small production work and do not have mass production for this machine.

  2. Hugh says:

    I’m looking for a cnc router for wood work

  3. Jeff Banes says:

    Can you also highlight the estimated costs?

    And do you also deal with replacement parts later on when needed?

    • Jani Grey says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Please note that Junk Mail is an advertising platform. Should you require additional information on items available on the Junk Mail web site, please feel free to contact the seller to discuss the details.

      Kind regards,
      The Junk Mail Team

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