Winter tips for pool maintenance

Keep your pool in good condition this winter with our pool maintenance tips. Knowing how to look after your pool is important if you want to avoid expensive repair work. From pool accessories to covers, there is a wide range of methods you can use to keep your pool in good shape.

Proper pool maintenance during winter will allow you to make the most out of your outdoor area when the weather warms up. After you read our useful tips, you can find swimming pool accessories, supplies and pool covers on Junk Mail.

1. Invest in pool covers

Swimming pool covers offer protection from debris. It is important to check that the cover is secured properly. You also need to remove debris from the cover regularly with a hose. A vacuum can be used to get rid of excess water.

swimming pool cover

2. Maintain the pool parts

A vital part of swimming pool maintenance is remembering to take care of the pool parts. When you aren’t using your pool during the cooler months, it is easy to forget about this step. Your pool care routine should include regular checks of the pump and filter. If you don’t care for the parts properly, it can lead to additional expenses for repairs.

3. Get the chemistry right

As most people choose not to drain their pool during winter, another consideration is the chemistry of the water. To avoid the hassle of dealing with algae and bacteria, keep the water well balanced. Pools must be kept at a pH that is somewhere between 7.0 and 7.4.

You need to test the pool chemistry once during a two month period. Don’t use old pool chemicals as their potency decreases over time. Contamination of your pool can lead to health risks. While less chlorine is required during winter, this chemical remains an important part of swimming pool maintenance all year round.

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4. Decrease the hours the pump runs for

A swimming pool pump is one of the mody important pool accessories; while it is still necessary for you to switch the pump on in winter, you can use it less during this period. In the colder months, when your pool is not being used, the pump’s running time should be reduced from twelve to eight hours. Decreasing the length of time that your pump runs for helps to save electricity.

5. Beware of winter freeze

If you live in an area where your pool freezes over, you need to take extra precautions as the weather starts changing. Additional pool maintenance is required to prevent cracked pipes. A temperature sensor notifies you when your pool temperature drops. You can also check the weather so that you know when to expect freezing temperatures. Staying alert allows you to prepare your pool for cold weather.

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6. Remove the pool cover early

As the weather warms up the perfect conditions are created for algae and fungi. To avoid the contamination of your pool, remove the cover early. Not only does opening up your pool help to keep it in good condition, it also allows you to make the most of the warmer weather. This is also an ideal time to get the swimming pool supplies for the summer ahead.

7. Keep the water level up

Even though you are not using your pool, it is important to maintain its water level. Low water levels can cause the pool to lose its shape. It can also result in surface cracks. Ideally maintain the pool levels and then use pool covers.

8. Don’t forget to backwash and rinse

Backwashing and rinsing your pool is still important during winter for your swimming pool maintenance. This step stops the accumulation of dirt. Another benefit of regular rinsing and backwashing is that it stops the accumulation of Total Dissolved Solids.

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9. Contact pool services

Pool service personnel can advise you on what accessories are suitable for your pool and climate. Hiring a professional ensures that your pool is kept in peak condition. While you will have to pay a fee for the help of experts, it is a good option if you are too busy to maintain your pool yourself. In the long run it is less expensive to pay for proper care than it is to fix a damaged pool.

With a wide range of swimming pool covers to choose from, you are sure to find the pool cover that meets your requirements. With the right preparation you can keep your pool in good condition so that you can enjoy every moment of the warm weather when summer comes around again.

Now that you know more about pool maintenance, make sure that you are prepared for the colder weather by browsing the pool accessories for sale on Junk Mail.

Winter tips for pool maintenance
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Winter tips for pool maintenance
Keep your pool in good condition this winter with our pool maintenance tips. Knowing how to look after your pool will help you avoid expensive repair work.
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