Wolves in South Africa

Although wolves are not indigenous to Africa, there are a few of them around. Wolves are being used by misguided breeders to crossbreed with dogs to become ‘better guard dogs’.Wolf

Wolves are naturally very shy animals and stay clear of human interaction. But like any animal, they will eventually display unnatural behaviour when placed in an abnormal situation. These animals need lots of space and should be in their natural pack habitat. What most often happens, is that these incredible animals get shot due to the meddling of humans.

How do we stop this from happening? Do not even consider keeping a wolf or crossbreeding a wolf with a dog to begin with. As part of Operation Bite Back, Junk Mail will red flag all advertisements for wolves, timber wolves or any hybrids thereof.

Thanks to the wolves’ very adaptable nature, there are many wolves in South Africa, even though they flourish in cold climates.

Wolves or wolf hybrids are not good pets, as they are very large and very strong animals. They cannot be taught to be less rough as this is their nature.

A wolf hybrid is the creation of a new species. This refers to wolves and dogs being crossbred. These hybrids are very special animals with special needs that require a lot of attention and love. This usually results in these hybrids placed with families who do not have the knowledge to deal with these special animals. In the end, it is the animal that suffers, as they are given away, abandoned or euthanized.

By not crossbreeding dogs and wolves and by keeping both species’ genetics pure, people can be educated. Teach children the dangers of removing an animal from its natural habitat and that these animals eventually end up in cages.

Report any suspicious adverts on Junk Mail to Junk Mail Pet Care and make sure to look after our animals by not supporting the illegal trade of wild animals!

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