Keep your employees safe with the right workwear

The new year is a great time to take stock of your business and the workwear your employees wear and use to keep themselves safe. Risk assessments are important as they allow you to determine the risk that workers are facing when they’re completing their duties. Risk assessments should take into account the equipment, work environment as well as the worker. It’s also vital to keep protective gear well-maintained and to upgrade workwear when it is no longer in top condition.

Here’s why workwear is important in the workplace and the different pieces that should be available to your employees. You can find protective clothing for sale on Junk Mail.

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Safety clothing

Investing in safety clothing is essential to the protection of your workers. Women and men’s workwear play a vital role in preventing injuries in the construction industry and factories. You can find a diverse range of workwear online including vests, gloves, and coveralls.

Specialised vests allow workers to secure themselves to a safety line when they are completing tasks at elevated levels. Gloves improve grip, which reduces the chances of accidents taking place. They also offer warmth and protection to workers’ hands.

Another reason to find protective clothing for sale is to safeguard against high temperatures. Insulated gloves play a role in protecting workers’ hands against heat. The gloves that you decide to buy will depend on the risks that are associated with your particular job site, and it’s important to regularly inspect protective gear for cuts and other damage.

Other important men and women’s workwear includes coveralls, which help to prevent contamination when handling dangerous materials. Disposable coveralls are required when completing tasks with hazardous materials, such as asbestos and chemicals, and they offer protection without impeding the movement of workers. Disposable coveralls are not suitable for situations where fire protection is needed. Specialised coveralls can also help to make workers more visible, such as when they are working on rail lines.

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Protective footwear

Safety boots are designed with rubber soles, which reduce the risk of slipping, and steel toecaps provide additional protection. Workers’ feet are at risk of lacerations and punctures, which makes protective footgear necessary. They’re also susceptible to sprained ankles, falling, and slipping.

Footwear is a vital part of safety clothing especially in a work environment with slippery floors and dangerous equipment. In hot environments, the workwear needs to be breathable. If protective clothing is too bulky, it can restrict the movement of workers. It’s, therefore, necessary to buy quality protective gear that is lightweight while still maintaining high levels of safety.


When working with hazardous materials, a respirator is required to protect workers from hazardous air. When you’re shopping for workwear online, make sure that you buy masks. Goggles are also necessary to safeguard against eye injuries. A full-face piece helps to prevent injuries to workers’ faces as well as offers respiratory protection.

In workplaces with high noise levels, earmuffs and earplugs are important. Respiratory gear is vital because in some cases a single breath of contaminated air can cause permanent damage. In other incidences, respiratory disease occurs due to prolonged exposure to contaminants.

As with all women’s and men’s workwear, it’s essential to select specialised products to suit the hazards of each individual environment. The wide range of respirator gear means that if you choose the wrong product, your workers will still be at risk of injury from the hazards in their environment.

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Factories are prone to high noise volumes, which makes ear protection essential to prevent long-term damage. Not only does investing in men and women’s workwear increase safety levels, it also boosts productivity. Workers, who are continuously worried about their safety, are distracted from their duties, which reduces efficiency levels.

Now that you know more about workwear, you can shop online to find the protective clothing for sale. Investing in this gear helps to keep your workers safe while improving productivity.

Keep your employees safe with the right workwear | Junk Mail Blog
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Keep your employees safe with the right workwear | Junk Mail Blog
The new year is a great time to take stock of your business and the workwear your employees wear and use to keep themselves safe.
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