The world’s first Android Newscaster

Most of us are fascinated by the day and age in which we live. We are surrounded by technology and this technology evolves on an hourly basis. Not so new, but not yet regular, are ‘robots’.Kodomoroid

Japanese scientists recently unveiled the world’s first Android Newscaster. The Android is ‘eerily lifelike’ and even possess an innate sense of humour with perfect language skills.

The Android’s name is ‘Kodomoroid’ – an amalgamation of ‘Kodomo (child) and ‘Android’. Kodomoroid looks like an adolescent and delivered news of an earthquake and FBI raid to amazed reporters in Tokyo.

Another robot was introduced; a ‘grown-up’ named Otonaroid (Adult Android). While Otonaroid was nervous and excused herself after making mistakes with her lines due to ‘stage fright’, Kodomoroid poked fun at her creator, Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, telling him he is starting to look like a robot himself.

Both Androids will work at Tokyo’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, interacting with visitors to collect data for Ishiguro’s studies into human reactions to the machines.

According to Ishiguro, people will have to get used to robots as they will be more and more present in our lives. He added that the Androids can be taken onto planes, the torso in the suitcase and the head in carry-on. Ishiguro has a humanoid version of himself which he sends overseas to give lectures.

A chatty humanoid called Pepper designed by SoftBank as a household companion is set to go on sale for around R20 000 in Japan next year after a successful debut earlier this month.

‘That’s the same price as a laptop computer,’ said Ishiguro. ‘It’s incredible.’

Until these robots ‘invade’ our lives, we will have to be happy with the cellular counterpart to make our lives easier and so much more accessible. Remember to buy a pre-loved Android device off Junk Mail and help save the environment!

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