Year-end function planning made easy with these 10 tips

Are you planning your year-end function? From picking a theme to determining your budget, there are plenty of things to consider when you’re organising an event. While planning a function may seem overwhelming, proper preparation can ensure that it‘s a great success. Read our top ten tips below to get your year-end function planning off to a great start then find what you need on Junk Mail.

Year-end Function Planning | Junk Mail

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1. Involve management in the arrangements

Involve management in the decision-making process and find out what type of events your staff would enjoy. When you involve your employees in deciding on a theme and objectives for the function, it helps to increase the chances that it will be a success. A survey is a great way to get input from your employees regarding the theme, venue, and food options.

2. Set the date

There are many factors to consider when you’re picking a date for your year-end function and the best time to host it will also depend on the industry that you’re working in. While some people prefer to schedule the event for December, many companies choose to hold their functions earlier so that they can avoid the rush of the festive season.

Year-end Function Planning Made Easy | Junk Mail

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3. Decide on a theme

Deciding on a theme is essential when you’re planning an event. The theme will help to guide your decision on other aspects of the function, such as the decor and venue. While a theme adds an element of fun to the occasion, it’s advisable to keep it simple. Not all your employees will enjoy fancy dress, so rather keep the requirements for the function to a minimum. The theme that you select should also fit in with your company culture.

4. Get a venue

The venue is a defining aspect of your year-end function. A beautiful venue makes the perfect backdrop for any special occasion. The venue needs to be easy to access and there should be adequate parking. Don’t forget to consider your budget and theme when you’re picking a venue.

5. Decide on food and be mindful of allergies, cultures, and eating habits

Good food is the foundation for a successful function. When you’re selecting the food, make sure that you consider the dietary requirements of all your employees. You’ll need to take into account religious and cultural food requirements as well as considering people’s food allergies. Don’t forget to include vegetarian and vegan options for your staff members who don’t eat animal products for moral reasons.

Be Mindful Of Food Allergies When Planning Your Function | Junk Mail

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6. Make personal and exciting online invitations

Personal invitations add a special touch to your event. They help to make your employees feel valued and appreciated. Make sure your employees know that the event is a time to celebrate their hard work and accomplishments throughout the year.

7. Arrange for group shuttle services for safe transportation

Considering your employee’s safety is important for any event. Shuttle services help to ensure that your staff get to their destinations safely.

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8. Always keep the budget in mind

Calculate your budget so that you know how much you can afford to spend. Be realistic when you’re setting your budget and make sure that you adhere to it during the planning phase. Your budget has a major impact on every aspect of your year-end function.

9. Make sure all the arrangements are in place and keep an eye on everything

Create a list of everything you need to get done so that you can check that you haven’t forgotten anything. Once you have made all the arrangements, double check that your plan is on track as the date of your function approaches.

10. Make it special

You can make your year-end function extra special by organising entertainment for the guests or even arranging some fun activities, such as a competition or even team-building games.

Make Your Year-end Function Special | Junk Mail

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Now that you know more about planning the perfect year-end function, you can visit Junk Mail for all your event-planning needs. You can find everything from catering to venues, shuttle services, decor, and much more on Junk Mail.

Year-end function planning made easy with these 10 tips
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Year-end function planning made easy with these 10 tips
Are you planning your year-end function? From picking a theme to getting a venue, there are plenty of things to consider when you’re organising an event.
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