Your DIY guide to building a braai and being summer ready

Braai’ing is an integral part of the South African lifestyle and a popular leisure activity especially during the summer months. Whether you choose to find a braai for sale on Junk Mail or build your own, a braai is a great way to enjoy spending time outdoors with your friends and family.

Braai’ing typically involves roasting meat on a grille over an open flame. While using an open flame is the most common method for roasting meat at a South African braai, gas braais can also be used.

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How to Build a Braai

While finding a braai for sale on Junk Mail is a simple option, building a braai is a fun and rewarding activity. Not only will you be able to impress your friends and family with a braai that you have built yourself, you can also customise the braai so that it meets your requirements exactly. To find out how to build a braai, read our blog.

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Sand, cement, stone slab and bricks are some of the materials that you will need for a DIY braai. You will also need a charcoal and grill tray. The tools that are required to build a braai include a spade, spirit level and shovel. Once you have prepared all the necessary materials and tools you will need to find the right location for your braai.

Big patios and gardens are well-suited for your DIY braai. When deciding on the location it is necessary to choose an area that is well ventilated with enough space for the braai as well as for the people who are doing the cooking.

Steps to building a braai

Once you have chosen a location decide on the dimensions of your braai. Mark out the area where you want to build the braai. You can then start laying bricks. Make sure that the bricks are in a straight line and that they are level.

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When the first row of bricks are in place you can use mixed cement and bricks to lay additional rows of bricks on top of the first row. The corners of the braai should be at right angles to each other.

Next you will need to create a ledge by placing two bricks sideways to so that there is support for the charcoal tray. Lay more bricks above it and create a place for the grille to be inserted.

The final step is to check that the braai is neat and that any excess concrete mixture has been removed. You can also add the stone slab to create an area for food preparation.

Picking the perfect braai accessories

Whether you find a braai for sale or build your own, you will need the right braai accessories. With plenty of brands and types to choose from, you are sure to find braai accessories which match your requirements.

Popular brands include Weber and Cadac. Both these brands have a reputation for reliability and quality. Depending on the type of braai that you have, you may need to buy a braai stand. Other useful accessories include aprons as well as tongs. You can also buy charcoal braai grids and briquettes. Braai kits include forks and knives as well as spatulas. A scourer makes cleaning your braai easy.


Delicious cheese and spinach braai pie

Want to test your new DIY braai? Well, here’s a delicious recipe you can try! Make a mouth-watering cheese and spinach braai pie that will go great with your tjops and steak. It’s easy to prepare and quick to braai…

You’ll need a few things to make this happen: A clean braai grid, two sheets of puff pastry, baby spinach, loads of cheese, including mozzarella, feta and parmesan, onion, soup powder and egg.

Simply put the one sheet of pastry on your braai grid, top it with all your delicious layers of ingredients, add the other layer of pastry, brush with egg, close the grid and put it on your DIY braai. It will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to cook to golden brown on moderately warm coals. For the full recipe and instructions, read the “Spinach and cheese braai pie” recipe.


If the DIY braai idea doesn’t work for you, why not find a stunning braai for sale on Junk Mail. With great deals to choose from, you will be well on your way to hosting an epic braai. Selling your old braai to make way for a new one? Sell fast by placing your free ad on

Your DIY guide to building a braai and being summer ready
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Your DIY guide to building a braai and being summer ready
While finding a braai for sale on Junk Mail is a simple option, building a braai is fun. To find out how to build a braai, read this blog!
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