Your Essential Back to School Guide

As the holidays near their end it is almost time for students across South Africa to head back to school. While this is an exciting time for students to further their education and try out new sports, the start of the school term can be hectic for parents. From stationary to school bags, there are plenty of items that you will need to purchase. As technology in education becomes more prevalent you may even need to find tablets for sale. The trick to getting a good start to the school term is to be adequately prepared. Learn everything you need for the ‘Back to School’ season by reading our blog.


Technology in Education

With rapid advancements in technology most schools in South Africa are starting to incorporate technology into the classroom. Technology that is used in education includes interactive boards as well as mobile devices. Students are making use of tablets and laptops to help them learn. With the increased use of technology parents are looking for laptops for sale to support their children’s education. Tablets for sale are also in demand.


Devices and internet connectivity are used by teachers to conduct lessons. The interactive boards that are used by teachers boast high quality software which is linked to student’s mobile devices. In the Western Cape the rise in the use of technology is evident as broadband infrastructure has been set up in 344 schools during the last financial year. Computer laboratories in 126 schools were updated and over 26 000 educators in the province attended training in information communications technology.


ICT has changed our lives and it has had a high impact on the business sector. In the current knowledge based economy the ability to develop new skills is vital to success. E-skills are important to economic growth in South Africa and technology offers students access to the skills that are required for success. E-skills can help to improve South Africa’s economy and to reduce poverty.


Technology enhances student’s learning experiences and there are many benefits of using technology in education. The latest technologies develop students’ problem solving capabilities and improve their critical thinking skills. Technology also improves students’ ability to communicate their ideas effectively. With internet, students have access to information from across the globe.

From finding an iPad for sale, to investing in other high quality tech gadgets and equipment, Junk is most definitely the best place to shop.

Sports in Schools

Sport is an important part of the school experience and physical activity has numerous benefits for students. Sports can boost student’s self-esteem and make them more alert in the classroom.


Regular physical activity helps children to stay healthy and it decreases their risk of chronic illnesses. It also teaches students how to stay healthy once they have finished school.


If you want to encourage your child to exercise, you can get involved by practicing cricket with them or teaching them how to swim. You can prepare for your child’s first term activities by buying sports equipment. Cricket equipment is available for sale online. Slazenger, Kookaburra and GM cricket bats are popular options.


Other sports equipment that you will need include balls, pads and gloves. If your child is trying out a new sport, it is a great idea to buy second hand equipment. If you buy a used bat and ball, your child can try out cricket without incurring a huge cost.


Other sports that your child can enjoy in the first term of school include water polo and even basketball.

School bags

There are a wide range of different school bags to choose from and choosing the right one for your child can be challenging. Backpacks or school bags with wheels are two of the options that are available. With the rise of technology in education it is advisable to find suitable laptop bags for sale to protect your children’s mobile devices.


School bags need to fit a lot into them and it is therefore important that you choose the right bags. Shoulder bags are a bad idea as children often put the strap over one shoulder which can cause injuries. If you opt for a backpack make sure that it has padded straps as well as a belly belt.


While many children choose to use a backpack, the wheelie bag is the safest option. Do note that while a wheelie bag is a great choice, parents still need to be cautious – as the bag becomes too heavy it can cause injuries.


Now that you know what you need to buy, you can start preparing for the new school year. Technology, sports equipment and school bags are all essential items to consider. With so many benefits to technology in education it is easy to see why parents across South Africa are looking for everything from laptops to tablets for sale.  Visit www.JunkMail today for the best in laptops, tablets, sport equipment and even school bags for sale. Selling your Back to School essentials? Place your FREE AD on Junk Mail now!

Your Essential Back to School Guide
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Your Essential Back to School Guide
As the holidays near their end it is almost time for students across South Africa to head back to school...
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