Your essential guide to garden maintenance

Garden maintenance is important if you want to have a beautiful outdoor area to enjoy in the summer months. Whether you are having a pool party or hosting a braai, a well-kept summer garden will help to create the perfect setting. If you are too busy to maintain your garden yourself, you can always opt for finding excellent garden services on Junk Mail.

To help you get started and get your garden summer ready, here are some useful gardening tips.

Use Garden Services

If you work hard during the week and only get home after dark you may want to spend your weekends enjoying your garden without the hassle of performing maintenance tasks.

garden services

While gardening can be therapeutic there are plenty of people who don’t enjoy gardening. Maintenance work in particular can be time consuming and repetitive. In this case it is best to leave the hard work to the professionals.

Large gardens may involve too much upkeep for one person to manage and using a reliable service to take care of everything from cutting the grass to keeping the hedges neat and trimmed, is a convenient alternative. With a range of garden services listed on Junk Mail it is easy to find the right professionals to take care of your garden.

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Buy the right garden tools

Owning the right garden tools makes it easier and more convenient to carry out garden maintenance work.

Scissors are essential if you want to keep your garden looking good. Scissors are used to cut off dead flowers. You will also need scissors if you want to harvest vegetables and collect herb cuttings.

Weeders are garden tools that make it easier to get rid of weeds. It is important to remove weeds regularly so that your garden doesn’t become overgrown with unwanted plants.

choosing the right garden tools

Pruning shears are also a must have in a gardener’s tool kit. Make sure that your pruning shears are sharp so that they require less effort to use.

Water hoses and watering cans are also vital. You will also need a shovel to make digging in the garden easier. A shovel can also be used to distribute mulch and to remove debris. To keep your garden tidy and looking good, you will need a rake.

Remember, a hat, gloves and a wheelbarrow are also useful garden tools to own. If you are thinking of replacing your old garden tools, you can make a couple of quick bucks by placing your free ad on Junk Mail.

Examine the soil in your garden

Soil is vital to the success of your summer garden. A garden with healthy soil results in happy plants that require less maintenance. Different plants thrive in different soil conditions so it is important to select plants which will grow best in your garden’s soil.

Soil that is very hard should be mixed with fresh soil and compost. Other great gardening tips include aerating the soil as deep as possible. This will help to improve the quality of hard soil. If you want to take soil care one step further, you can test the pH of your soil as well as its nutrient levels. This will help you to match the right plants to the soil.

soil in your garden

Pick the right plants

Different plants are best suited to different environments and as we have discussed the soil type influences plant selection too. One of the best gardening tips anyone can give you is to pick the plants that have the most chance of thriving according to the conditions in your garden.

There are also plants that are easier to grow and maintain than others. If you want to cut down on maintenance work or you are a beginner gardener, its best to choose plants that are easy to grow.

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summer garden maintenance

Correct watering

A vital part of garden maintenance is watering. Different plants require different amounts of water. Find out how much water the plants in your garden need and make sure that you water them consistently.

If you stay in a region with water restrictions or dry conditions, it is advisable to choose plants which require less water. Plants that need less water also take less time to maintain.

Consider the rainfall in your region when deciding how much to water as plants will need less watering in seasons where there is a high rainfall. The best time to water your plants is in the morning before it becomes too hot.

watering the garden correctly

Remember to get the right garden tools as well. Watering your plants, you will need everything from watering cans to hoses. You might even opt for a sprinkler system that runs on a timer.

Consistent garden maintenance

While it may seem easier to skip garden maintenance tasks for a few weeks, this leads to hassles later on. If you maintain your summer garden consistently throughout the year, it will save you time in the long run.

Healthy plants that are well cared for are less prone to diseases. Regular garden checks will allow you to correct any problematic areas before they become uncontrollable.

garden-maintenance tips

Whether you decide to find garden services on Junk Mail or take care of your summer garden yourself, it is good to know the essential elements of garden maintenance. From checking the soil to consistent watering there are a range of tasks that go into the upkeep of gardens.

Your essential guide to garden maintenance
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Your essential guide to garden maintenance
Whether you are having a pool party or hosting a braai, garden maintenance is important if you want to have a beautiful outdoor area you can enjoy.
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