Your Winter options – Gas heaters or Oil heaters?

As winter progresses, it is important to stay warm and comfortable indoors. One way to keep away the winter blues is to make sure that you have the right heaters in your home. When it comes to gas heaters South Africa has a range of top brands for sale. Finding an oil heater for sale is another great option. You can buy or sell gas heaters or oil heaters on Junk Mail.


Francois Labuschagne, Product and Marketing Manager for Junk Mail, advises consumers to search online for heaters. He added that it is also quick and easy to advertise online. Shopping online is a convenient option and it allows you to browse through different gas heaters for sale. If you are looking for an oil heater for sale, you can also find great deals. Before you make a decision about which heater to buy, review the different types and brands that are available on the South African market. Here is some useful information to get you started.


Picking the right size heater is important as a heater that is too small for the room may not provide sufficient heat while a model that is too large will increase your running expenses. Larger heaters can also take up too much space in your room. The room that you are planning to heat will affect your decision as lounges need more heat than bedrooms.

Any type of heater can be hazardous so it is important to keep your heater in good condition and use it with caution. Make sure that the heater has been switched off and that it has cooled down before you touch it to prevent it from burning your skin. As safety is an important consideration when choosing a heater, it is advisable to research the different models before purchasing one.


Labuschagne advised that you can find great deals on a wide range of second hand items online. He added that you should make sure that you have the right information to choose a good heating option. It is important to consider whether a gas or oil heater will meet your requirements.

Although gas heaters offer instant heat, oil heaters have a bigger surface area which means that the room is warmed up faster. Gas heaters are suitable for both small and big rooms while oil heaters are better suited to small areas. A Gas heater for sale is a great way to stay warm during load shedding, but they can also present safety issues if the gas leaks. While the odourless nature of gas heaters makes them a convenient option, it contributes to the risk of using this type of heater. A thermostat regulates oil heaters which keeps the temperature of the room stable but the disadvantage of this method is that it uses extra power.


The price of heaters varies according to their type, brand and size. The time of the year that you purchase the heater will also affect its cost. At the start of winter prices are usually higher and you can find great deals as the season progresses. If you need a new heater for next year, it is advisable to start looking for discounted models now. The price of gas heaters ranges from R500 to R1000. A 9kg gas bottle costs around R200 to refill or exchange for a full bottle. Oil heaters are priced from R400 to R1200 and they have a running cost of approximately R2.66 per hour.


Once you have decided whether you need a gas or oil heater, you will need to choose what brand of heater to buy. It is better to pay more for a reputable brand as their heaters are safer and more cost effective in the long run. Alva is one of South Africa’s most popular lifestyle brands. The company sells reliable gas heaters for indoors, outdoors and patios. Salton is well-known for manufacturing home appliances across the globe. In the Euromonitor International consumer survey, Salton was rated as one of South Africa’s best brands. With a committed team of employees, Salton offers quality products and friendly customer care services. Another trustworthy brand is Delonghi. True to their slogan “Better every day” DeLonghi manufactures heaters with an innovative design and a great performance.


If you want to escape the cold this winter there are plenty of ways to keep warm. Once you have the solution to indoor heating, you can relax in the comfort of your home. The heater that you choose will depend on how much heat you need as well as the dimensions of the room that you need to keep warm. Shop online to find plenty of great bargains.


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