4 bargains that will turn farming into a breeze on Junk Mail

Are you a farmer looking for affordable farming equipment? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Junk Mail is a very popular medium amongst farmers and today I’m going to make it a little easier to find items for you: I’m featuring 4 bargains that will turn farming into a breeze on Junk Mail. I’m pretty sure that if you have a farm or engage in some form of farming that you’ll find these items useful.

#4 Mobile Cattle Loading Ramp for sale – R6800

Are you a cattle farmer? If your answer to this question is “Yes!” then this mobile cattle loading ramp is exactly what you need. It’s the perfect accessory for those farmers out there who need to load their cattle onto their trucks. This particular one is towable and the advertiser is located in Randfontein (on the West Rand).

Mobile Cattle Loading Ramp

#3 3 Phase 30 KVA Generator for sale – R39,000

Need to generate extra power or need a backup power grid o your farm? This generator might just be the thing you’re looking for. It has a 24 Kw Nissan RD 28 motor, a straight 6 cylinder diesel AMF Generator controller box, a manual switch over box. It’s still in great condition and runs perfect. According to the advertiser (who is in Pretoria) the straight 6 is better on fuel consumption than the 4 cylinder 30 KVA motor due to more power and lower revolutions per minute.

Generator for sale

#2 Massey Ferguson 669 Tractor for sale – R130,000

This awesome tractor was refurbished and is in excellent condition. According to the Pretoria based advertiser this is an absolute bargain. He / she also has new tyres if you need them, for only R20,000 extra. If you don’t have a tractor, this will be an awesome addition for your farm and definitely something that you should be checking out. R130,000 may sound like a lot of money but it’s a good price for a huge tractor.

Massey Ferguson 669 Tractor for sale

#1 1.8m Slasher for sale – R16,000

According to this Pretoria based advertisers, this is a refurbished unit. It also has a brand new 75 kw gearbox and slip clutch. The advertiser only accepts cash as payment. No cheques or EFT’s please.

Slashers for sale

There you have it, a list of 4 bargains that will turn farming into a breeze on Junk Mail. Which one of these items is a “must have” for you? Leave a comment and let us know. Feel free to spread the word about these bargains by sharing this article with your Facebook and Twitter friends. Remember: Sharing is Caring.

If you have some farming equipment or other second hand items that you need to sell, feel free to post your free adverts for them on Junk Mail.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Fun Corner category on the Junk Mail Blog.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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