Beautiful fairytale small garden ideas for Spring

Are you looking for small garden ideas? Spring is here and it is time to start planting. If you have a limited amount of space available, making a fairy garden in a pot is a great idea. From choosing the right planters to finding plants for sale, there are many stages to consider when planning your garden.

Making a fairy garden is a fun activity for the whole family, with beautiful results. While you can add your own creative flair, here are some great gardening tips for creating your own.

fairy garden ideas

Choose the right gardening container

The first thing that you will need to consider when laying out your fairy garden ideas is where you will create your mini garden.

Using garden pots is perfect as it means that you can create a beautiful garden on your patio or balcony. Another advantage of using pots is that it also gives you the freedom to move your garden to different locations as the need arises.

pots and planters for your fairy garden

Planters also create a great space for these mini gardens. You can find bargain planters for sale so that you and each of your children can each have your own creative space. If you are renting a property, these small garden ideas are ideal as you can take it with you if you have to move.

Alternatives to garden pots include wheelbarrows, baths and even sinks. Remember, when you are choosing a container, it is important to pick one that has drainage holes.

Pick a location for your garden

When you are deciding where to place your container or pot, there are a couple of factors to consider. The location that you choose will depend on the plants that you are using. Make sure that the location has enough sunshine and water to allow the plants in your fairy garden to flourish. It is advisable to consider a spot that offers some shelter to protect your garden ornaments.

Choosing plants for sale

Once you have your container and location it is time to start planting. By following our handy gardening tips you can make sure that your garden is a huge success.

plants for sale

When you are selecting plants for sale it is best to opt for ones that are easy to look after. A choice of simple plants will help to highlight your garden ornaments. You will also need to take into consideration the climate that you are living in to make sure that you choose the right plants for your area.

Ground cover is a great start to your small garden. Succulents, moss and grass are all options which can provide a green base for your garden. Miniature bushes can add an interesting element to your garden design.

Bonsais are a great way to incorporate some height to your arrangement. Add a few colourful flowers to put the finishing touches on your stunning fairy garden. Larger plants should go at the back with smaller ones in front.

Find the perfect garden ornaments

Finding the right garden accessories is a chance for you to get creative with your fairy garden ideas and designs. When you are choosing ornaments you may want to pick a theme. This will create a unified design in your garden. It may help to think of practical questions such as ‘where do the fairies sleep?’ and ‘what activities do the fairies enjoy?’

If you are feeling stuck, go back to your childhood for inspiration. There are plenty of books that give detailed accounts of the lives of fairies. Once you are feeling inspired you can create your own sanctuary for fairies.

ornaments for your fairy garden

Start by building a feature which will grab people’s attention. Once you have your focal point you can create smaller features which complement it. Remember, the garden pots and plants you choose to use will also play a role here.

Don’t forget to add fairies and other creatures to your garden. You can also incorporate natural materials such as bark, leaves and pebbles. Making a fairy garden is also an opportunity to upcycle materials from around your house.

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Get the right garden tools and accessories

Now that you know how to turn your small garden ideas into a beautiful fairy wonderland, let us take a look at what materials and garden tools you will need.

As mentioned you will need to find plants for sale as well as planters and ornaments. You will also need potting soil. Other useful garden tools and accessories to buy include gardening gloves and a spade. Maintaining your garden will be easier with a watering can.

the needed garden tools

To see what you need at a glance, take a look at our handy list

The exciting part of making a fairy garden is that you will have the opportunity to watch it evolve. The plants will grow over time and you will get to see your garden flourish with the right care. Make sure that your plants get enough water and sunlight. You can trim your plants if they are becoming overgrown which will help to keep your garden healthy and neat.

small fairy garden

Now that you have some inspiration, why not look for the perfect plants for sale on Junk Mail? With so many garden tools, plants and accessories, you are sure to find the needed materials to turn your fairy garden ideas into a reality. Do you have unused garden items? Why not sell it on Junk Mail by placing your free ad here.

Beautiful fairytale small garden ideas for Spring
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Beautiful fairytale small garden ideas for Spring
Looking for small garden ideas? If you have a limited amount of space available, making a fairy garden in a pot is a great idea.
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