Decorating Ideas for this Holiday

Summer is here and the festive season is rapidly approaching. Decorations are going up in shops and the sounds of Christmas carols are starting to fill the air. Join in the excitement by reading our decorating ideas for this holiday. Prepare ahead and instead of traipsing through crowded shopping malls in the holidays you can spend your time relaxing by the pool. If you are interior decorating South Africa has skilfully crafted ornaments for sale.

Ideas for decorating during the holiday:

The first step in decorating your home for the holiday season is to choose a colour scheme. Traditionally Christmas colours are red and green and you can include gold or silver for a more sophisticated touch. Decorating your front door will help to create a welcoming atmosphere. The entrance to your house should make a good first impression and you can brighten up your door with a wreath.


A Christmas tree is an essential part of holiday decorations and it will form the central feature in your lounge. Once you have decided on a colour scheme you can use tinsel, stars, angels, baubels and lights to create an impressive effect. Don’t forget to put Christmas stockings near the tree for smaller presents.


A great idea for displaying Christmas cards is to attach string from one wall to another and hang the cards up with pegs. You can decorate the pegs with red paint and glitter. Hang Christmas lights around entertainment areas to create a magical ambiance for dinner parties. Indoor options include fairy lights, icicle lights and curtain lights. Solar panel fairy lights and solar panel icicle lights are suitable for outdoor areas. With an increase in electricity costs and a shortage of electricity in South Africa, solar powered lights are a good option. Solar lights are suited to the climate in South Africa as there is plenty of sunlight.


During summer there are a variety of flowers in bloom which make beautiful decorations. For a proudly South African Christmas add hand beaded ornaments to your decorations. An African twist to the Christmas theme includes Baobab trees and giraffes.

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