Don’t let load shedding interrupt your workflow… Get UPS

Don’t let load shedding damage your electronic equipment. Whether it is for your personal use or business, a UPS can safeguard your computers and data against power outages. An uninterruptable power supply is a valuable asset during load shedding. Sell your unit or find a UPS for sale on Junk Mail.


Finding second hand UPS systems is a great way to save money. With more cash to spend you can afford a system that adequately meets your requirements. It is essential to find a UPS power supply which meets the needs of your business or personal devices. Browse through the different types which are for sale online to find a UPS inverter that will protect your electronic equipment best. To help you make up your mind here is information on UPS systems.

UPS stands for ‘Uninterruptable Power Supply’. This innovative device provides power when the mains power is switched off. It differs from a generator in that its function is to supply near-instantaneous power as a safeguard when the mains power fails. The power source is derived from energy which is stored in batteries. Although the energy supply is typically very short, it provides an alternative source of power which will give you time to start up your generator or protect your equipment by shutting it down correctly.


The main use of a UPS power supply is generally to safeguard computers and prevent the loss of data. It is also useful to protect telecommunications equipment. If you are unprepared for power outages, they may cause damage to your electronic equipment. Damaged equipment and lost data can cost you valuable time and money. In some settings the unanticipated shut down of equipment could cause injuries.

Before you decide to find a UPS for sale, first determine what your needs are. UPS units range in size from small devices to huge units. If you need it for personal use, a small unit to protect your computer may suffice. Data centres or buildings will need to purchase a bigger unit.


You will also need to decide what form of UPS best suits your requirements. Typically, the two most popular types are the tower and rack-mount. Before you decide on which UPS power supply to use, check the dimensions of the space that you will set it up in. Tower models can be placed upright on the ground. They are also suitable for desks or shelves. This type of power source is generally used for desktop computers. If you need a UPS to support servers or networking applicants, a rack-mount version may be more suitable. Their size will determine how much rack space you will need to set it up.


Another decision that is pertinent to safeguarding your electronics is whether you require a single or multiple UPS units. If the UPS is being used in a company where its malfunction could result in huge losses, using multiple units may offer more protection if they are installed properly. You can also consider multiple redundancy for additional protection.

Take into account the environment that you will be using the UPS in. If it will be used outside, you will need to buy a UPS which has been designed to handle fluctuating temperatures and humidity or rain. Internal models are an alternative option. These systems are manufactured to be fitted inside the chassis of your computer.


The efficiency of the UPS unit will also influence your decision. However it is crucial to be aware that different manufacturers use different methods to calculate the efficiency of each unit. The UPS systems are often tested by manufacturers under the best conditions, so the efficiency of the unit may be less in different situations.

In South Africa, power outages have become a constant concern due to load shedding. Don’t let load shedding interrupt your business or damage your personal appliances. By planning sufficiently you can make sure you are well equipped to deal with frequent power cuts. Although it may involve an initial outlay of funds, the right equipment can save you money and time in the long run.


To find the right UPS for sale first evaluate your needs and then make your decision accordingly. If you choose the right system you can benefit from an uninterrupted power supply as the UPS bridges the gap between power failures and the time it takes for the generator to kick in. Without an alternative power supply the GPS allows you to shut down your appliances properly.

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