Home security tips for when you’re on holiday

Home security is an important consideration when you’re preparing for the holidays. With a rise in criminal activity over this period, it’s necessary to ensure that you’re properly prepared. From checking your alarm system to asking your neighbours for help, there are plenty of steps that you can take to increase the safety of your home. You can visit Junk Mail for a range of products and service providers to help you secure your home before you go on holiday.

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Check your home security

If you’re going away on holiday, check that your security system is working properly before you leave. Make sure that the fence around your property is secure so that there is no easy entry point for intruders. Review the positioning of your CCTV cameras so that they give you a clear view of what’s happening on your property as well as outside of it. Make sure the electric fence is operating properly and remove any branches that may cause an interference. If you’ve been planning to upgrade your home security, now is the time to get it done. With alarms and armed response, you can rest easier knowing that the safety of your property is in good hands.

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Make it seem like your home is still occupied

Don’t make it obvious that you’re going to be away because if criminals discover that there won’t be anyone on the property, it makes your home a target. This means that you should avoid posting your holiday plans on social media and you should ask your neighbours to collect your mail. Putting your lights on a timer is a great idea as it keeps up the pretence that your house is still occupied. You can even ask your neighbours if they want to use your driveway as extra parking for their holiday guests. That way there will still be people coming and going from your property.

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Lock up properly

While it goes without saying that you should make sure your house is locked properly, it’s worth double checking that everything is closed properly before you leave. Double check that all the windows are shut and secured and that all the doors are locked. Your windows should be fitted with burglar guards. Sliding doors should be secured with locks and preferably a security gate as well. Ask the neighbours or a trusted friend to keep a spare set of keys in case of an emergency rather than hiding the keys in a flower pot or under a doormat. Pack away any items that will serve as an incentive for criminals to break into your property. If you leave tools lying around, they’re at risk of getting stolen.

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Remain vigilant while on holiday

Once you’ve secured your property and you’ve headed off on a relaxing holiday, you still need to remain vigilant. Holidaymakers are a target for criminals as they are usually less vigilant while they’re enjoying their time off. Leave your valuables in your guesthouse or hotel room when you go to the beach. If there’s a safe in your room, make sure that you lock your valuables away. Avoid going to the beach after dark and don’t visit secluded places by yourself.

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Staying safe at home

If you’re planning to stay at home this festive season, you still need to take extra precautions. Avoid placing your Christmas tree and presents within easy view of people who are passing by. If you’ve splurged on expensive gifts, either keep the boxes neatly folded up and stored away or dispose of them discretely.

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Now that you know how to stay safe this holiday season, you can shop for home security equipment and service providers on Junk Mail. The selection of products and services to choose from can help you to safeguard your home during the festive period.

Home security tips for when you're on holiday
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Home security tips for when you're on holiday
If you’ve been planning to upgrade your home security, now is the time to get it done. Visit Junk Mail and secure your home before you go on holiday.
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